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Ensure Children Have the Learning Tools They Need

When you direct your charitable contribution to serve the Annual Fund, you can be confident you are making an essential impact right now, and that you are supporting benefits for children that will last into their future.

Your gift goes where it is needed most, ensuring that NIHF’s Annual Fund can continue to reach children nationwide in the form of curriculum development, literacy tools, hands-on learning materials, accessibility options, language translations, relatable STEM role models and more.

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Find out how past donations benefited students at the Maryland School for the Deaf

By supporting the Annual Fund, you ensure that NIHF education programs are designed for children of all abilities. At Maryland School for the Deaf, for example, children who are part of the deaf and hard of hearing community participate in the same engaging activities experienced at every Camp Invention® location thanks to the program’s accessible education materials.

Ensure Accessibility in Invention Education

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