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Camp Invention Connect - Canada

Camp Invention Connect

Hands-On Summer Camp, Reinvented

Distance learning that’s different

Camp Invention Connectreaches far beyond what you've come to expect from distance learning, inspiring confidence and creativity through independent, hands-on exploration.

  • Activity kits packed full of fun materials are shipped directly to each participant.
  • Daily challenges motivate children to go outdoors, get active and stretch their imaginations. 
  • Choose a screen-free, self-led experience or connect with certified education Coaches and fellow campers for online collaboration sessions. 

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July 20 – 24, 2020

Ontario-wide Camp Invention Connect (Registration now closed)

Mississauga Region Camp Invention Connect (Registration now closed)


July 27 – 31, 2020

Ottawa Region Camp Invention Connect (Registration now closed)

Get Excited for Your Program

Mark your calendar and get ready for an action-packed week of fun and exploration! Everything you need will be sent straight to your home, so keep an eye out for a big package to arrive at your doorstep.

Unbox Your Kits

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! When your Camp Invention Connect package arrives, have fun opening all your activity kits. There is so much to discover in each kit, so take your time checking out all the awesome materials you’ll be using through the week.

Grab your Activity Guide and look for the password on Page 1 to unlock the online experience pages.

Daily Kickoff

Join your Coach for daily kickoff sessions, where you’ll get to know other campers and get pumped up for the challenge of the day! If you can’t join live, don’t worry — you will have access to videos that take you through each activity step-by-step, so you can watch at a time that works for you.

Unplug and Get Creative

Once you’ve got the daily download, you’ll be off to tackle your challenge. Take your activities outside, so you can get your brain and body moving while exploring new ideas! 

Coach Collaboration

Your Coach will be available during midday and afternoon hours, giving you the chance to check in, ask questions, collaborate and share.

Take a Break, Then Keep Creating

Be sure to take a break from all the action, get some lunch to refuel, and give your parent or guardian an update on what you’ve been creating!

When you're ready, dive back into your inventions to wrap up the day’s activities, and finish turning your big ideas into the next big thing!

Celebrate and Share

At the end of your week with Camp Invention Connect, join your Coach and fellow campers online to share your creations and celebrate your teamwork, innovation and ingenuity!

Get Excited for Your Program
Unbox Your Kits
Daily Kickoff
Unplug and Get Creative
Coach Collaboration
Take a Break, Then Keep Creating
Celebrate and Share
Delivering Imagination and Fun to Your Doorstep

With a set of four themed kits providing an abundance of materials, this one-of-a-kind program delivers hours of hands-on, high-energy fun! With each kit, children take on a unique set of challenges that build confidence, perseverance and creative problem-solving skills. Certified educators serve as Coaches, facilitating collaboration, encouraging outdoor play and providing step-by-step activity instruction.

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Camp Invention Flight Lab Kit

Imaginations soar as children learn about principles of flight, going outdoors to experiment with paper planes and hand-copters. They also get two robots — one to take apart and investigate, and one to customize as their very own flight simulation robot.  

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Rescue Squad Kit

As they uncover ways to protect the Earth’s ecosystems, children will be eager to go outside and take on inspiring activities. Campers explore bioluminescence as they use LEDs to create a glowing flower, and they build parachutes to safely airdrop animals, restoring balance to their habitats. 

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Design Thinking Project Kit

Children learn the value of their creativity as they enjoy open-ended activities that bring their biggest ideas to life. They use the materials in their kit to create sketches, build and test prototypes, design logos and confidently pitch their products while protecting their intellectual property. 

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Camp Invention Champions Kit

As they discover the great inventors behind their favorite sports, children apply their own game-changing ingenuity and design thinking. They collect inventor playing cards, design and build the ultimate sports complex, and then head outside to play their new games.

Additional Resources

We understand the challenges families and educators are currently facing, and just like great inventors, we must all adapt with creative thinking, ingenuity and optimism. 

To help turn these uncertain times into valuable learning opportunities, we invite you to take advantage of the many activities in our learning resource guide.


Camp Invention Connect FAQs

Our at-home program is brand new, so we’re sure you have some questions!

Camp Invention Connect takes our innovative summer program, Camp Invention, and reinvents the experience to bring it into your home! This program delivers our 2020 Camp Invention curriculum, Elevate, through a set of four at-home activity kits that are packed full of materials and delivered straight to your door. The program is designed to provide hours of hands-on fun that encourages children to go outdoors and stretch their imaginations. All activities can be screen-free and child-led, keeping the need for parental involvement to a minimum. Children can also join optional virtual collaboration sessions with a certified educator and other young inventors. These brief sessions include fun icebreakers and problem-solving challenges, keeping even our most shy participants excited as they make new friends. 

Attending virtual learning sessions is not required. In fact, the entire program may be completed as a screen-free experience by using the provided materials and Activity Guides. Our online resources and virtual learning sessions are designed to serve as options that enhance the experience through minimal screen time. Check out the Zoom and Google Meet troubleshooting guides as needed.

Just like our traditional Camp Invention program, local Camp Invention Connect programs are led by certified local educators. Participants in local Camp Invention Connect programs will also live in the vicinity of the hosting school/district. Our province-wide program is led by a team of certified Ontario education experts.

Local Camp Invention Connect programs will maintain a Coach-to-child ratio of 1:20. The Ontario-wide Camp Invention Connect program Coach-to-child ratio will vary based on registrations.

When children join virtual learning sessions, they will be given opportunities to get to know other campers in their program. Coaches will also break each program into small groups to optimize teamwork. Friendships are often built at traditional, in-person Camp Invention programs, and we intend to create the same opportunities with Camp Invention Connect.

Many of our program’s high-energy activities can be enjoyed outside, and our Coaches encourage outdoor exploration and play each day! 

The Camp Invention Connect program is priced at $330 + HST. Discounts are available.

Review the dates at the top of this page to search for a program. Click a program for more details and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

Watch this video for information on how to prepare for the week of Camp Invention Connect, or read on for details.

As your camp program week approaches, look for your kits to arrive in a large package. Unbox them and check out all the materials! Just make sure everything stays organized and will be easy to find during the program. You will also receive an email from your child’s Coach with log-in information and a schedule for the week. Camp will kick off each morning with an online instructional session, so your child should have their materials ready to go. After this session, it’s time to unplug and get creative! In the afternoon, your child can join virtual collaboration sessions to ask questions, brainstorm with friends and share their progress. If you’d prefer a screen-free summer, remember that all online sessions are optional, and all activities can be completed offline by using the step-by-step activity guides. You’ll find these guides at the bottom of the main shipping box. Digital versions can also be found on the Camp Invention Connect Welcome Hub.

You can expect an action-packed week of creativity and fun! Your child is encouraged to complete the activities in one of the four themed kits each day, Monday through Thursday, and join their group online for an optional Inventor’s Showcase to celebrate their success on Friday. How your young innovator approaches the program each day is up to you. Activities may be completed entirely offline, or your child may access digital content and join daily virtual sessions for instruction, coaching and collaboration. The program is flexible, so you can change your approach each day of the week.

To ensure your child has the best experience possible, you can make sure they have a space that allows them to explore and experiment. You can also encourage them to take their activities outdoors for fresh air and inspiration, provide support as they build their confidence and use “I wonder…” statements to help them stretch their imagination and develop creative solutions.

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