Camp Invention Connect

An At-Home Summer Camp Offering Real Hands-On Fun for Grades K-6

What is Camp Invention Connect?

The most inspiring online summer camp available anywhere!

  • Who: Curious kids entering grades K-6! This is the perfect program for families who are on the go, working from home or far from a local camp, and for kids who thrive in at-home, self-paced settings.

  • What: An opportunity to safely explore hands-on STEM fun at your own pace

  • Where: Anywhere you are

  • When: August 15-19

  • Why: Because when kids have this much fun creating, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

  • How much: $245 for a week of action-packed virtual camp sessions and all the materials your child will need

Here’s how our camp works:

Here’s what an action-packed day looks like with Camp Invention Connect

Get Excited for Your Program

The Innovator’s Toolkit — packed with everything your camper needs — will be sent straight to your home ahead of the program start date, so you’ll be set for a week of hands-on fun and exploration!

When your package arrives, your camper can check out all their materials and set up their own space for creativity with their Innovator Workshop, complete with a Toolbelt and Maker Mat.

Daily Kickoff (9 a.m.)

Your child will join an educator — their Camp Invention Connect® Coach — and fellow campers to start each day of camp with a live online session that includes icebreakers, module instruction and opportunities to collaborate.

If your camper can’t join live, don’t worry — you will have access to videos that go through each activity step by step.

Create and Invent (11 a.m.)

Following a quick break, kids get back together online to make, create and invent with their Coach and fellow campers.

Afternoon Hangout (1 p.m.)

After taking a break for lunch, kids join their Coach and fellow campers to socialize, build friendships and gear up for the rest of the day’s hands-on fun.

Unplug and Get Outdoors

Hands-on STEM exploration continues as kids enjoy screen-free time and get outdoors with high-energy activities.

Collaborate and Share (2 p.m.)

Each afternoon, campers regroup with their Coach online to complete their final challenge and proudly share their projects and inventions.

Get Excited for Your Program
Daily Kickoff (9 a.m.)
Create and Invent (11 a.m.)
Afternoon Hangout (1 p.m.)
Unplug and Get Outdoors
Collaborate and Share (2 p.m.)

Sign Up Today!

When you sign up for a specific week, this tells us when to ship your Innovator's Toolkit and ensures that a spot will be saved for you in our virtual sessions. 

A schedule and meeting links for the optional live sessions will be provided by your Camp Invention Connect® Coach the week before your start date.

Delivering an All-New Adventure to Your Doorstep

The all-new 2022 Camp Invention Connect program, Explore, takes children on an exciting expedition through hands-on, inventor-inspired STEM challenges. Qualified educators serve as Coaches, guiding campers as they enjoy online collaboration, jump into outdoor fun and become confident, creative problem solvers.

Make a Splash with Robotic Aquatics

Children dive into ocean research when they receive their own aquatic animals! To provide the perfect habitat in a mini tank, they design and patent new aquatic plants and create a symbiotic best friend. Then they develop a unique, bio-inspired invention that is sure to hook investors!

Spin Into NIHF’s The Attic

Art and STEM combine in this immersive experience! Campers get all the materials they need to build their own robotic artist and make awesome spin art. While experimenting with materials science, chemistry and art, they learn how inventions have changed the way people create.

Get Rolling with Marble Arcade

Children zigzag through physics, engineering and gaming as they receive everything they need to build a mega marble arcade! First, they use scientific principles like potential and kinetic energy to roll gaming spheres at different speeds. Then they collaborate and level up their designs through hands-on problem solving!

Blast Off for Spacecation

With activities and materials inspired by real space exploration, campers create Spacepacks and Astro-Arm devices to help them with gravity-defying cooking, glow-in-the-dark lunar discoveries and erupting ice volcanoes! Before returning to Earth, they mine an asteroid and collect data on how animals can hatch and grow in space.

Why choose Camp Invention Connect?

For more than 30 years, Camp Invention® has been inspiring confidence and creativity through fun, hands-on STEM activities. Now, young innovators can bring the excitement of this STEM summer program home with Camp Invention Connect.

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A smiling girl next to the text “Honestly, the box sold me. The Innovator’s Toolkit alone is worth the price.”
A boy with clay next to the text “Some kids are auditory, some are visual…I think it is great you have all these options.”
A young girl works on a laptop next to the text “I’m so sad it’s the last day.”
A boy opens his Camp Invention kit at his kitchen table next to the text “He’s been working completely independently.”
A boy takes apart a hexagon-shaped robot next to the text “He is so over online school, but he was so excited about this!”

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