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Team Up and Build Friendships at Camp Invention

From group projects to extracurricular activities and everyday social interactions, by engaging in teamwork, kids gain vital skills they will carry with them throughout their school days and beyond. So, how do children develop good teamwork habits? Through the kinds of fun, hands-on activities, collaboration and group problem-solving challenges that occur each day at Camp Invention®, the impactful K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer camp from the National Inventors Hall of Fame®.

Every year, our awesome education team comes up with four brand-new, exciting experiences to teach campers how to work with others to overcome challenges, build relationships and practice presentation and communication skills. Keep reading to find out how camp can help your child become an awesome teammate and friend this summer at our 2023 Camp Invention Wonder program!


Cheering Each Other On

In Catching Air, campers design mini skate parks, try cool jumps and tricks on their mini skateboards and encourage each other to never give up when learning something new. After customizing their own skate parks, they team up and try out their friends’ ramps, rails and bowls as they share and compare ideas to create the ultimate skating experience!


Solving Problems Together

As they join their friends to identify and solve problems in MimicBot, campers take inspiration from nature. They consider how creatures use mimicry for protection from predators or for tricking and trapping prey. After campers turn their own mimicking robots into one-of-a-kind animatronic stuffies by working together, they think of ways they can protect their ideas from being stolen by the Copy Cat!


Collaborating on Big Ideas

Throughout their week at camp, children collaborate in Pop-Up Venture to build their dream business. As campers become inspired by inventors and entrepreneurs, they can choose to work with their friends to overcome obstacles that come with owning a business, develop an exciting product to sell, design a welcoming shop for their customers, and learn what it takes to become a budding entrepreneur and successful business partner.


Making New Friends

Invention Celebration invites campers to make new friends as they become innovative event planners. While they experiment with sound, light and color, campers learn that everyone has valuable ideas, and that it’s important to celebrate both our own and our friends’ big and little successes while staying creative and having fun.


Sign Up for Summer Fun at Camp Invention

Is your child ready to put their collaboration skills to the test? Visit our website to register them for a week of fun and friendship this summer at our all-new Camp Invention Wonder program!

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