How Can We Help Kids Catch Up with Summer Learning?

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How Can We Help Kids Catch Up with Summer Learning?

While schools across the country have continued to do their best to provide essential education to their students, the disruption caused by COVID-19 has been undeniable. The unpredictability of the virus has led to COVID Slide, or months of learning loss, particularly for underserved children. Though parents have worked hard to improve remote learning experiences by providing support when possible, work schedules and other responsibilities have made this extremely challenging. Under these circumstances, it’s clear that this summer, positive enrichment experiences will be more important than ever before.


Making the Most of This Summer

How can we make sure kids not only have summer fun but also catch up in their learning? Offering hands-on, high-energy STEM activities can keep kids engaged while introducing essential concepts that will help them build confidence, develop persistence and achieve greater academic success. This is the philosophy behind Camp Invention®, the nationally acclaimed summer program from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF).

Since 1990, children have enjoyed unforgettable, inspiring summers with Camp Invention’s unique brand of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fun and learning. Each year, the experience offers exciting activities that give kids the chance to collaborate with friends, use their imaginations and overcome learning loss.


The Proven Benefits of Camp Invention

For more than 20 years, NIHF has measured the positive impact of Camp Invention. Learning from this data helps our expert education team continuously improve Camp Invention and keep children engaged with a brand new curriculum year after year.

A few highlights from recent research into the effectiveness of Camp Invention include:

  • Attending one week of Camp invention results in significant short- and long-term improvements in creativity, STEM interest, collaboration and problem solving.
  • Participating in Camp Invention during the summer increases students’ performance and engagement the following school year.
  • Joining Camp Invention contributes to improved attendance, GPA and test scores.
  • Following one recent Camp Invention program, students’ average and median standardized test scores rose in both reading and math.

Thanks to stats like these, we can confidently say that attending Camp Invention can help address the learning loss your child might be experiencing through this challenging school year.

Additionally, all of our Camp Invention activities are inspired by NIHF Inductees, world-changing inventors who have helped make the world a better place. Research has shown that exposure to individuals like these increases the likelihood children will innovate as they grow up — and there has never been a more important time to help kids see their own potential to innovate, adapt and make the world a better place.


Camp Your Way: In Person or At Home

Want to sign up and save today, but not sure if you’ll want an in-person or at-home experience this summer? No worries – with our new Peace of Mind Promise, you can sign up and SAVE today and finalize your experience format six weeks before your camp date.

Our 2021 Camp Invention program, Recharge, offers our most exciting activities yet! From taking apart their very own wireless microphone and uncovering how sound waves work, to building and testing unique rubber duck launching devices, kids will find that each day is filled with discovery, adventure and fun. To learn more, check out our website!

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