Cool STEM Jobs for Creative Kids

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Trends in STEM

Cool STEM Jobs for Creative Kids

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields have continued to significantly outpace hiring in other industries. While parents have long known that STEM careers are both stable and well-paying, it is sometimes difficult to interest children in pursuing a future in STEM if they already have it in their mind that they’re not a “math or science person.”

To help overcome this perception, it can be helpful to inform kids that jobs in these fields extend far beyond the equations and formulas they may not enjoy working through in school. Instead, there are many STEM careers that children might find both intriguing and exciting.

Below are just a few examples that might interest the fledgling innovator in your life.


Marine Biologist

Children who have a love of animals and an interest in protecting the environment could become marine biologists who study the creatures and plant life in the ocean and other saltwater environments. While the ocean covers a staggering 71% of the Earth’s surface, more than 80% of it remains unexplored! Those who pursue a job in this field could potentially help in mapping out this vast uncharted territory and discover new types of creatures never seen before.



An astronomer studies outer space to better understand the universe. Using tools like advanced telescopes, spacecraft and spectrographs (a device that splits light into wavelengths), they are able to explore stars, planets and galaxies. Thanks to rapid advances in technology, we are learning more about space than ever before. In fact, even students in high school have been able to discover new planets!


Video Game Programmer

The next time your child is playing one of their favorite video games, you can tell them that a team of programmers was responsible for all the fun. Tasked with writing the computer code that allows a game to function, video game programmers create everything from the artificial intelligence of non-player characters to the sounds players hear as they interact with their environment.


Automotive Engineer

Helping to design new vehicles and ensure that existing ones remain safe and efficient, automotive engineers play a vital role in creating all the cars and trucks on roads today. In addition to designing the mechanical components of vehicles, those working in this field also write the software that has become increasingly important to their operation. With electric vehicles becoming more popular, those working in this field will help transform transportation as we know it.


Sound Engineer

Instrumental in helping craft most of the popular music today, sound engineers record, mix, equalize, edit and master audio to prepare it for an audience. Not limited to recording studios, sound engineers also work in film, radio, television, sporting events and conference venues. The next time your child is listening to music from one of their favorite artists, ask them if helping to create music like that might be something they would enjoy.


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