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How to Get Your Camper Ready for the Best Part of Summer

Camp Invention® is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for this summer’s hands-on experiences that will give your child the freedom to explore and create!

Wondering how to make sure your young innovator has the best possible in-person or at-home Camp Invention experience? We’ve got a few simple tips that can help.


Camp Invention

How to Prepare for Your In-Person Experience

  • Each day, your child will need to bring a packed lunch, a drink or water bottle, and a snack. Be sure to write your child’s name on their food and drinks to avoid mix-ups.
  • If your child needs to take medication while at camp, please bring it in its original container with a signed physician’s note (if prescription) and instructions noting who is approved to administer it.
  • In the weeks leading up to camp, work with your child to collect shareable items for upcycling, such as boxes, tubes, craft items and similar materials campers can use to create invention prototypes throughout the week. Remember — please don’t bring anything of personal value, as items cannot be returned or assigned to a specific child.
  • Sometimes children are nervous about their first day of camp, and that’s OK! Ask your child if they know of any friends who might be interested in attending the program with them. It also can be helpful to play a few of our videos to show them what they can look forward to.


What to Expect

  • Some activities may be held outdoors. Help your child dress appropriately for the weather, consider clothing that will allow them to comfortably participate in high-energy activities and encourage them to wear shoes they can run around in (no flip-flops please).
  • We always prioritize health and safety at Camp Invention. If your child is sick, please keep them home and notify your Camp Director.
  • You will hear from your Camp Director prior to your start date with any additional information pertaining to your local program.


Camp Invention Connect

How to Prepare for Your At-Home Experience

  • Shortly before your Camp Invention Connect program start date, you will receive an important email from your child’s Coach where you’ll find the schedule and session links specific to your program.
  • Look out for an email from UPS to track your child's Innovator’s Toolkit for Camp Invention Connect, which will be delivered a few days before the program starts. When it arrives, your child may be excited to unbox it, and that’s great! Just be sure the items stay organized in the color-coded bags so everything is on hand and easily accessible for the awesome challenges they will complete throughout the week.
  • In the weeks leading up to camp, work with your child to gather items for upcycling, such as boxes, tubes, craft items and similar materials your child can use to create invention prototypes throughout their camp program. Remember, these materials may be altered, decorated or disassembled, so don’t choose anything of personal value.
  • Messes can be part of the inventing fun. We encourage you to designate a safe space where your child can explore, create and experiment during their Camp Invention Connect experience.
  • Your child might feel nervous about their first day of camp. To ease their worries, we recommend checking out this video to show them what they can look forward to.


What to Expect

  • Camp Invention Connect is flexible, so your child can create in the way that works best for them. They can join all, some or none of the online sessions, and they can change their approach from one day to the next.
  • Gears, motors and other technical elements will be at play, so long hair should be pulled back and younger siblings kept at bay!
  • Activities will be collaborative and progressive. You can use “I wonder …” statements when discussing the day to help your child build confidence, stretch their imagination and develop creative solutions.
  • We’ll encourage campers to get active, move around and go outside when the weather allows, so they can discover new possibilities with their inventions. Consider clothing and shoe choices that will keep your child comfortable as they participate in these experiences.


We’re Just as Excited as You Are

In addition to the above tips, we encourage you to visit our Parent Resource Center for easy access to everything Camp Invention! Here you’ll find our Safety Guidelines, additional FAQs and Daily Newsletters that cover what your child will be learning and creating each day.

If you have any additional questions, just give our helpful Customer Relations team a call at 800-968-4332.

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