Why Camp Invention Prioritizes Live Interaction

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Why Camp Invention Prioritizes Live Interaction

Especially during times of uncertainty, we all do our best to provide children with a sense of structure and stability. By establishing schedules, routines and clear expectations, we are able to create environments where kids feel grounded and safe.

However, as children grow older, they will increasingly encounter situations where the answers are not straightforward, and they’ll need to overcome those challenges through adaptation and persistence. The earlier kids are given opportunities for live interaction and creative problem solving in collaboration with peers, the better prepared they will be for these situations in the future.


Camp Invention Embraces Live Interaction 

For over 30 years, Camp Invention® has inspired millions of students across the country through its hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities. Hands-on learning is not only more engaging for children, but research has shown that it is also very effective and is able to present content in ways that are more relevant to their lives. Central to our program’s continued success is our emphasis on live learning experiences designed for real-time collaboration.

Inspired by lessons and stories from our National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees, each year our education team creates all-new programming that invites kids to work together to solve real-world problems. As children learn the same techniques and strategies used by some of the world’s greatest inventors, they see how collaboration is not only fun, but it can lead to creative ideas and solutions.

“One of the key areas of education is focused on right now is children’s social-emotional health and learning,” said Jayme Cellitioci, creativity and innovation strategist at NIHF. “The nonverbal teamwork interactions between children making and building within the same classroom or space is not just incredibly rewarding to witness, it is also imperative for their development and well-being. Nothing beats those “A-ha” moments when discoveries are made and ideas turn into realities!”

At Camp Invention, participants have access to real-time encouragement and feedback from both a certified Instructor and their fellow campers. This direct interaction, available in both in-person and at-home settings, helps create a sense of community and an environment where children feel confident enough to implement their ideas and try new things.

For example, in this summer’s upcoming Open Mic activity, participants are given their very own wireless microphone to reverse engineer, and later in the week to use to promote and pitch an invention of their own creation. In an at-home setting, campers get several opportunities each day to collaborate remotely with their friends and practice their presentations. While some virtual programs provide recorded instruction, we have made it a priority to provide children with the ability to interact and collaborate in real time.

Together, campers develop the Innovation Mindset and the belief that their only limits are the ones they place on themselves.

Learn More About Camp Invention

Unsure if you’ll want an in-person or at-home camp experience this summer? Not a problem! With our new Peace of Mind Promise, you can sign up for camp today and switch your format choice up to six weeks before your program starts!

To learn more about Camp Invention, we invite you to visit our website.

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