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10 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

Over the holidays, we celebrate those who we care about — and those who care for us. Teachers nurture the minds of children throughout the year, so this is the perfect time to say “thank you” and wish them well over winter break. However, we know that selecting gifts can be challenging, so we’ve put together a list of 10 easy ways to spoil the teachers in your child’s life this holiday season, no matter your budget!


Handmade Card

If your child is an aspiring future artist, encourage them to create a handmade card! It will be sure to tug at their teacher’s heartstrings and get them started on the right foot for break. For an added “aww” factor, encourage your child to write a poem, share a favorite memory or draw a meaningful picture their teacher can keep and look back on.


Pencil Bouquet

If you’re looking for something that is both practical and unique, work with your child to design and assemble a flower bouquet made with No. 2 pencils. Using an assortment of colorful paper, cut out various flower shapes. Then, use a hole punch to create a circle in the center of each paper flower. Attach one flower to each pencil, with the eraser becoming the center of the flower. Once you have a beautiful bunch, tie them together with a ribbon and your gift is ready to go.


Energy-Boosting Snacks

Everyone needs a midday energy boost now and then, so grab a few fun, high-energy treats to carry a dedicated teacher through a long day in the classroom. If your child can find a creative way to ask for their favorite snacks, perfect! Otherwise, consider easy treats like granola, nuts or even caffeinated chocolate bites they can quickly grab between classes, and don’t forget to include a festive note.


Class Plant

If you know a teacher with a green thumb, a class plant in an interesting pot makes a wonderful gift. It also provides opportunities for the class to discuss science concepts as they learn to care for a living, growing thing. This one has a great message for someone shaping young minds, and it can be combined with a succulent or a small, low-to-medium-light leafy plant that will flourish indoors.


Custom Stamp

Teachers often use stickers, stamps and other personalization to make a child’s work feel special and to acknowledge a job well done. Make your child’s teacher feel just as celebrated with a custom stamp they can use throughout the school year! There are several to choose from online, but this affordable option is playful, comes in a variety of colors and offers a self-inking version for no-mess use.


Teacher Bracelet

For fashion lovers, the Little Words Project® teacher bracelet is a subtle homage to their role as a teacher and allows them to carry a reminder of how they inspire kids wherever they go. While they will remember your kindness as they wear the bracelet, they can also one day pass it forward to another inspiring teacher!


Embroidered Pullover

As the weather cools down, teachers may be looking for ways to stay cozy this winter. Consider a personalized, embroidered quarter zip sweatshirt to give them something to look forward to wearing on casual Fridays, and to keep them warm all season long!


Themed Cookies

A great teacher deserves an extra-sweet surprise. Teachers are often associated with apples, so why not give yours a dozen buttercream-frosted apple cut-out cookies to get them in the spirit of the season? It’s never too early to start eating holiday cookies!


School Supplies

Teachers often spend a lot of time and resources on gathering supplies for their classrooms. A thoughtful gift can simply be paying attention to the class' needs and providing a bit of assistance. Ask your child if something is used frequently in the classroom, if there is a tool the teacher tends to favor — like colorful felt tip pens, cool sticky notes or bold planners — or if they notice a lot of students missing a common school supply. Then, pick up some of those items for the teacher to use on their own or to have available when students need them.


A Class Library Book

A surefire way to lift a teacher’s spirits is to spruce up their classroom. If your child’s teacher has a class library, try adding another story to their collection. Other children will have the benefit of reading, and the teacher may think of your child each time they pull out that story — especially if you include a kind note on why that specific book is special. If you struggle to narrow down your book selection, choose one of your child’s favorites or check out this list of winter STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) books on our blog.


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