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5 Hidden Benefits of Implementing National Inventors Hall of Fame Programs

National Inventors Hall of Fame® education programs are grounded in the wisdom of our Inductees: Our Nation’s Greatest Innovators. Guided by their lessons and stories, for over 30 years we have developed curricula that teach children to overcome adversity and unlock their creative potential.

Educators across the country continue to trust our PreK-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs for many reasons, including that they provide proven academic benefits, align with national and state education standards, qualify for ESSER funding and offer customization to meet each district’s unique needs. However, there are also some hidden benefits of implementing National Inventors Hall of Fame programs that are equally important:


1. Innovative Role Models

Because all National Inventors Hall of Fame programs are directly influenced and informed by our Inductees, participating children are introduced to diverse, innovative role models who can help inspire them to pursue their creative dreams. Research has shown that empowering students in this way increases the likelihood that they will grow into innovative adults.


2. Embedded Professional Development

Each National Inventors Hall of Fame education program provides educators with embedded professional development opportunities. Educators who teach our programs gain innovative teaching strategies that emphasize critical thinking, allowing them to incorporate these ideas throughout the school year.


3. Student Engagement

All our education programs are designed to ignite students’ natural curiosity. Through hands-on STEM challenges that invite students to discover and develop their own solutions to complex problems, our curricula are so engaging, they have increased school attendance throughout the school year.


4. Cross-Curricular Connections

Often, the best ideas take inspiration from a variety of fields and transcend the status quo. Our team of experienced education experts knows this, and while developing our programs, embraces a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. This versatility allows students who participate in our programs to practice combining ideas from seemingly dissimilar areas to produce truly creative ideas.


5. Ease of Implementation

Each year, we strive to make implementing our programs as easy as possible. We include all necessary materials, as well as step-by-step curricula guides to ensure educators of all experience levels are supported and have a positive experience. Paired with our first-in-class customer support, this eliminates the burdens schools often confront when implementing an outside program.


Learn More About What Our Programs Have to Offer

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