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Girl Scouts Build Confidence and Earn Badges at Camp Invention

Camp Invention® is designed to be one of the most inspiring and impactful experiences of every child’s summer. If your child is a Girl Scout, not only does our summer camp expand their creativity and problem-solving skills while helping them gain a new perspective on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but it also gives them the opportunity to earn badges! Children develop confidence in their ideas and build persistence as they dive into STEM challenges and learn that there is a place in STEM fields for everyone.


Discover This Summer’s Program

Our all-new 2023 Camp Invention program, Wonder, invites campers to explore four fun and inspiring experiences — MimicBot, Catching Air, Pop-Up Venture and Invention Celebration. Each experience helps children gain STEM, entrepreneurship and life skills that align with the goals of the Girl Scouts organization. Throughout the program week, campers also learn how their interests can lead them toward STEM careers. One way they experience this is by becoming young inventors themselves!

MimicBot introduces campers to genetics, biology and technology as they explore the inner workings of an animatronic bot and uncover the different ways nature uses biomimicry for protection against predators or to trick prey. While each camper turns a robot into their own unique stuffie, they learn that their ideas have value and can be protected from copycats.

In Catching Air, campers explore fundamental physics and engineering design concepts in kid-friendly, hands-on ways. By building and customizing their own mini skate park, campers catch major air by using their mini skateboards to try out cool tricks and practice safe risk taking. While it might take a few tries to land the perfect idea, campers discover that failure is part of the invention process and learning through our mistakes helps us grow! To keep the innovative ideas rolling, campers even invent wheeled devices of the future.

Pop-Up Venture gives children the chance to launch their dream business. Campers learn valuable entrepreneurship skills as they gain experience with a bank card, business license and permits while practicing decision-making as they uncover some of the challenges faced by business owners – like inclement weather! Throughout the week, campers build and expand on a mini model of their pop-up shop and incorporate new ideas to make their goals a success.

In Invention Celebration, campers become event planners and are taught the importance of celebrating their successes. Using their creativity, kids invent their way to the ultimate celebration involving circuitry, engineering and even the science of sound. From creating a one-of-a-kind musical instrument to sharing their big ideas with friends, campers have fun while learning that creativity and collaboration are valuable and worthwhile!


Earn Badges at Camp

Camp Invention can help Girl Scouts explore new STEM interests and tackle big challenges – all while having fun and earning badges. To do this, Scouts must verify with their Girl Scout troop leader that they will approve the badges earned by participating in Camp Invention. Through our all-new 2023 Wonder program, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges in each of the below levels, from Daisy to Cadette.



Grades K-1

Campers can earn STEM badges as they solve problems, conquer challenges, explore robotics and uncover future STEM career possibilities.

  • Daisy STEM Career Exploration
  • Robotics 1: What Robots Do
  • Robotics 2: How Robots Move
  • Robotics 3: Design A Robot



Grades 2-3

Badges are up for grabs when campers discover their innovative potential by using STEM skills to develop great ideas and bring them to life.

  • Robotics 1: Designing Robots
  • Brownie STEM Career Exploration
  • Inventor



Grades 4-5

Campers practice problem solving and creativity as they build upon their innovative ideas and learn how STEM interacts with other interests – like music.

  • Robotics 1: Designing Robots
  • Junior STEM Career Exploration
  • Musician
  • Product Designer



Grades 6-8

There are even more opportunities for STEM learning and entrepreneurship when campers improve their communication and learn the ins and outs of creating their own awesome business.

  • Robotics 1: Designing Robots
  • Business Creator
  • Entrepreneur

We encourage your Girl Scout to join us at Camp Invention to uncover opportunities in STEM learning while building skills that will serve them no matter where their innovative journey leads!


Learn More

Visit our website for more information about Camp Invention’s inspiring 2023 program and to find a camp near you!

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