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Girl Scouts Build Confidence and Earn Badges at Camp Invention

Camp Invention® is designed to be the most inspiring and impactful experience of every child’s summer. If your child is a Girl Scout, not only does our summer camp expand their creativity and problem-solving skills while helping them gain a new perspective on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but it also gives them the opportunity to earn badges! As we encourage young girls to dive deeper into STEM learning and show them there is a place in STEM fields for each of them, we can empower them to grow in confidence and persistence.


Exploring This Summer’s Program

Our all-new 2022 Camp Invention program, Explore, invites campers to dive into four inspiring experiences Marble Arcade, NIHF’s The Attic, Spacecation and Robotic Aquatics. Each experience helps children gain STEM, entrepreneurship and life skills that align with the goals of the Girl Scouts organization. Throughout the program week, campers also learn how their interests can lead them toward STEM careers. One way they get to experience this is by becoming a young inventor themselves!

Marble Arcade introduces campers to fundamental physics and engineering concepts in fun, hands-on ways. Each camper experiments with rolling a variety of gaming spheres through the twists and turns of an arcade-style marble maze they’ve designed and built themselves.

In NIHF’s The Attic, campers collaborate to learn about many uses for robots, including how they can be used to solve problems. They even create a working artistic robot of their own, which they get to take home after camp. As they use their robot to design their own spin-art creation, campers expand their creativity and try out cool new ideas.

Spacecation gives campers the chance to launch into space exploration and go in depth on the process of bringing their innovative ideas to life. Throughout the week, they come up with solutions to out-of-this-world problems. Though it may take a few tries, they learn that failure is part of the process and leads to the best solutions down the road. They put this to the test as they gather feedback and improve upon their initial designs for a Spacepack and Astro-Arm device.

In Robotic Aquatics, campers adopt an aquatic friend, personalize their habitat and learn what it takes to market their ideas as an entrepreneur. From ideation to prototyping to practicing their investor pitch, campers become inventors as they design their own aquatic innovation. They also build up their confidence as they learn strategies for communicating their ideas with others.


Earning Badges at Camp

Camp Invention can help Girl Scouts explore new STEM interests and tackle big challenges – all while having fun and earning badges. To do this, Scouts must verify with their Girl Scout troop leader that they will approve the badges earned by participating in Camp Invention. Through our all-new 2022 Explore program, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn all three badges in each of the below levels from Daisy to Cadette.



Grades K-1

Campers can earn STEM badges for coding and robotics as they solve problems and conquer challenges at camp.

  • STEM – Coding for Good 2: Digital Game Design
  • STEM – Robotics 1: What Robots Do
  • STEM – Robotics 2: How Robots Move



Grades 2-3

Entrepreneurship and STEM badges are up for grabs when campers build upon their ideas and how to bring them to life.

  • STEM – Brownie STEM Career Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship – Budding Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship – Inventor



Grades 4-5

As campers spend the week diving into STEM and entrepreneurship concepts, they learn persistence and practice taking their ideas to market.

  • STEM – Junior STEM Career Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship – Business Jumpstart
  • Entrepreneurship – Product Designer



Grades 6-8

There are more opportunities for STEM learning, entrepreneurship and life skills when campers improve their communication and pitch their awesome innovations.

  • STEM – Cadette STEM Career Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship – Business Creator
  • Life Skills – Public Speaker


We encourage your Girl Scout to join us at Camp Invention and uncover opportunities in STEM learning while building skills that will serve them no matter what their future holds!


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