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Celebrate Family Fun Month with NIHF

Join the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) in celebrating Family Fun Month — a perfect time to enjoy fun-filled games and activities with your family. Below are a few activities you and your loved ones can enjoy together!


Virtual Museum Tour

Located within the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, the NIHF Museum honors more than 600 NIHF Inductees and features a rotating selection of kid-friendly exhibits that explore the inspiring stories behind some of the world’s most impactful inventions. Thanks to a partnership with Google Arts & Culture, anyone with internet access is able to take a virtual tour of the NIHF Museum. Here, families can discover current and past exhibits, check out rare invention artifacts and learn more about our country’s rich innovative history.


Innovative Game Night

Invite your family to come together and create an innovative game that has never been seen or played before! Consider using STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to enhance the game. For example:

  • Might slime play a role if players win (or lose)?
  • Could magnets be used to move the game pieces?
  • Do players need to invent solutions to challenges?
  • Could your child use a spring in a mechanical toy for a surprise at the end of the game?

After selecting a type of game to create, encourage everyone to design a prototype. Throughout the month, think about how the game could be improved and make modifications to boost the fun factor.


Home Cooking

Gather your family in the kitchen and work together to cook dinner. Because of the many measurements and chemical reactions that take place during the act of cooking, this can be one of the most effective (and tasty) ways to promote the relevance of STEM. Fractions take on an added importance when they’re used in recipes. Similarly, physics concepts like fermentation, caramelization and pyrolysis come to life when children are able to experience them in person. By helping to cook different dishes throughout the month, your kid will realize that chemical reactions are more common than they might think.


Visit Our Blog for More Family Fun

Stay tuned to our blog for more inspiring STEM activities you can enjoy with your family.

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