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How to Help Your Child Build Excitement for Camp Invention

This summer’s Camp Invention® program is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for participants from across the country to experience our most accessible program yet!

However, for first-time campers who might get a little anxious before trying new things, the thought of participating in camp might also bring with it a case of the nerves. This is completely normal. To help put your child at ease, we have a few simple tips.


Turn Nervousness Into Excitement

At first glance, nervousness and excitement appear to be complete opposites. However, according to research conducted by Alison Wood Brooks, a business professor at Harvard University, they are actually similar. Both emotions have the same effects on our bodies — faster heart rate, sweaty palms and increased cortisol. Of course, the key difference is that excitement is a positive emotion we feel when looking forward to an event, while nervousness is a negative one that causes us to avoid things. Brooks suggests that when we feel anxious about an event, we can reframe this emotion as excitement by thinking about how the event could benefit us.

In anticipation of Camp Invention, you might help your child make a list of all the positive things they will experience throughout the week. This could include things like making new friends and building their own amazing inventions.


Share a Sneak Peek

Sometimes, what causes us the most anxiety is a fear of the unknown. The uncertainty that comes with any new experience can be a lot for children to handle.

To help your child overcome any uncertainty they might be feeling before Camp Invention, encourage them to watch a few videos that will show them the different activities they can look forward to throughout their week of camp. 

To watch all our activity videos, we invite you to visit our website.


Bring a Friend

If your child is nervous about not knowing anyone else who is attending Camp Invention, encourage them to invite a friend. Having someone at camp who they already know can go a long way in helping them feel less anxious and more comfortable.

With our Refer a Friend program, you can get in on the fun too. By inviting other families to use your unique link and savings code, you can earn electronic Gift Cards. Your first reward is $10 and each additional qualifying registration will earn you $5. Plus, when friends use your exclusive promo code, they can save $30 off their registration.

“My child has come home every day saying, ‘I loved it.’ He has told several friends how they have to come next year.”
— Melissa H., Camp Invention Parent, Apple Valley, Minnesota


“After we got home from his last day of Camp Invention, my son hugged me and thanked me for ‘making his life better by sending him to camp.’ I have been telling friends at other schools how great it is.”
— Mary Ann M., Camp Invention Parent, Bowie, Maryland


Learn More About Camp Invention

Camp Invention is progressive, building on fun and engaging concepts throughout the week. Once apprehensive children experience the first day, they often can’t wait to come back for more hands-on exploration. Over the program’s 30-year history we have received thousands of positive testimonials from parents whose kids were nervous on the first day and ended up not wanting camp to be over.

“(My daughter) had the ‘best summer camp ever!’ She was so nervous about going at first, but when the week was over couldn't wait to tell me she wanted to sign up for next year again. She loved all of the projects … showing them off to all of the family, making new friends, and loved her instructors. It was such a wonderful experience all around. She felt supported, encouraged, and I saw her self-esteem soar! Thank you so much.”
– Ruth A., Camp Invention Parent, Beverly, Massachusetts


“This was her first ever camp experience, and she was unsure and nervous about going. She can be very shy about new experiences but once engaged quickly opens up. When we dropped her off the first day I was worried she would clam up and not really participate. When we went to pick her up she was over the moon excited to tell us about her day.”
– Rebecca E., Camp Invention Parent, Seville, Ohio


Are you excited for the inspiring summer fun we have in store with this year's program? So are we!  Visit our website to learn more and find a Camp Invention program near you.

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