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Introducing Kids to Environmental Science Jobs

With major challenges like climate change and pollution facing our world, the field of environmental science is growing at a faster rate than ever. While there are massive ecological issues to tackle, there are also immense possibilities for young people looking to pursue a future in this field. Related careers can span the range of STEM and include professional roles like microbiologist, environmental engineer, agricultural scientist, nature conservation officer and so many more.

Read on to discover how to introduce kids to environmental science jobs and make connections that just might spark inspiration for a greener future.


A World of Options as Identified by DOD STEM

Thanks to DoD STEM, you can explore a wide variety of careers in environmental science.

People in this field work to understand and identify solutions to ecological problems. Often, their focus is on regulations that protect people’s health, like ensuring clean air to breathe and water that is safe to drink. Other environmental scientists, like climate scientists and conservationists, look to minimize human impact on ecosystems.


For the Kid Who Enjoys Spending Time Outdoors

If your child enjoys exploring the great outdoors, consider introducing them to the career of an environmental specialist. These professionals oversee how different environments affect people’s communities, identifying and suggesting solutions to environmental challenges. They often conduct tests on food, water, soil or air, and develop prevention programs to reduce ecological issues.


For the Kid Who Loves Animals

If your child loves animals of all kinds, talk to them about becoming a wildlife biologist. These experts study animals, often observing them in their natural habitats to gain an understanding of how they live. They also examine their characteristics and traits to classify them as well as identify new species. Consider taking your child to a local animal sanctuary to learn about wildlife in your area and to talk with a specialist who works there.


For the Kid Who is Fascinated by the Deep Sea

If your child likes to learn about the deep sea, you can teach them about the job of an oceanographer. An oceanographer, or ocean scientist, studies the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the ocean using math and science. Their goal is to better learn how the world’s oceans work to make use of its resources efficiently and sustainably.


For the Kid Who is Interested in Minerals and Gems

If your child is intrigued by rocks, minerals and gems, consider introducing them to what an environmental geologist does. These rock experts study and gather information about the earth’s geological features and how they impact the environment. They might observe minerals, soil and groundwater as well as mining operations. Consider a trip to a natural history museum, specifically one with a geology, gems or minerals exhibit, to give your child a hands-on experience with earth science.


For the Kid Who Likes to Design and Build

If your child likes to draw, create or construct, talk to them about what an environmental engineer does. These professionals create special systems to help keep the planet clean and safe. They also ensure that certain facilities have the proper environmental permits and operational procedures. Just think, they could one day make a machine the turns trash into energy or clean water!


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