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Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

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Bulletin boards are a classroom staple, providing a canvas for teachers to display interesting or important information, showcase student work and bring some fun and creativity into their learning environment. Whether you’re looking to motivate your students, celebrate accomplishments, enhance your lessons or simply brighten your classroom, check out this list of engaging bulletin board themes and ideas to energize your school year.


Celebrate Seasons

Each season is an exciting opportunity to feature different happenings on your bulletin board, like weather changes, holidays and interesting educational connections.

In autumn, consider:

  • Using festive fall leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows as your decor
  • Featuring student drawings, poems or other writings about favorite fall activities
  • Including ways to explore STEM in the changing season – you can find ideas here!

In winter, consider:

  • Creating a frosty scene with snowflakes, snowmen, evergreen trees or local wildlife
  • Highlighting wintertime holidays or traditions from around the world
  • Incorporating ways to discover STEM fun during this snowy season – you can find ideas here!

In spring, consider:

  • Decorating with flowers, bees, butterflies, and other animals or plants that appear in the spring
  • Displaying student work related to the season, like artwork or photos
  • Integrating ways to experience STEM learning in springtime – you can find ideas here!


Find Inspiration in Historical Figures

Our world is full of motivational people who have changed the way we live. From scientists and authors to world leaders and influential inventors like National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees, these timeless trailblazers have demonstrated courage, innovation and leadership. Consider using your bulletin board to feature individuals who have shaped society and culture, using their photos and stories to show their impact.

This theme works across grade levels and subjects. You can choose prominent people who have made a difference in any related field, and tailor the information and graphics you use to fit your classroom age level. To find visionary innovators to include on your board, check out National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. You can also search by name, invention or keyword here.


Choose Student-Centered Themes

Personalizing your bulletin board to your classroom’s subjects and students is a great way to boost excitement and engagement around learning. You might think about how you can use content in one of the following themes to help your students feel accomplished and proud.


What’s Your Superpower?

Using superhero-themed imagery like costumes, logos and capes, encourage your students to share their strengths and talents and find a way to add them to your board. You can even include interactive elements like “Hero of the Week” to feature individual students you want to recognize. You can help students find their innovation icon with this fun quiz!


Classroom Goals

Choose a topic your students can relate to, like sports or adventure. As you set goals with your class, use your bulletin board and surrounding theme to help you track them throughout the year. Think of ways to include student contributions and progress updates!


Discover More Ways to Bring Creativity and Innovation Into Your Classroom

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