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How Will You Celebrate Dads This Father's Day?

Parents are often our first role models. They give us strength, love, encouragement and support throughout our childhoods. Father’s Day is the ideal time for us to thank the father figures in our lives and remind them they are special with a simple gift from the heart.

To help you brainstorm creative ways to celebrate, we’ve gathered three awesome ideas for children to express gratitude while putting their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) skills to the test. Be sure to put your own unique spin on these ideas and remind the fathers in your life how much you love them today, and every day!


Create a Hydro-Dipped Masterpiece

Are you feeling creative? Start a family art gallery by helping your child create their very own one-of-a-kind work of art. Follow instructions for our hydro-dipped science gift activity to combine art and principles of fluid dynamics!

What are their favorite colors? Do they have a lucky number? Could you use markers or paint to add a simple picture that reminds you of them? What word summarizes your relationship? As your child ponders the answers to these questions, encourage them to add in some small touches to personalize this gift and make dad smile. Then, once your masterpiece is finished, add a special note and the year to the back of the canvas to preserve this awesome Father’s Day memory for years to come.


Design a Custom Shrink Film Keychain

Whether your child sees the father figure in their life every day or they live far apart, a custom keychain will remind them that they’re loved all year long. Start by purchasing shrink film, a hole puncher, small pliers and keychain rings online or from your local craft store.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, cut out your desired shape keychain and be careful not to leave any pointy edges. Decorate with permanent markers and add a hole for the keychain ring before shrinking. Then, follow the instructions on the selected pack of shrink film and add your keychain ring once cool – make sure an adult is present to help with the oven and tools!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a keychain design, here's an idea – try making a letter keychain! Your child can write and sign a short message that dad can read anytime, anywhere.


Mix Up a Sweet Treat for Them to Eat

One thing can be found at almost every party, celebration or happy gathering – a sweet treat! This Father’s Day, explore the wonders of science and give the joy of dessert by making your own ice cream to share. Once you have the base recipe down, make it special for a great dad in your life by adding his favorite mix-ins or toppings. You could even set up a make-your-own-sundae bar full of their favorite fruits, candies and sauces so everyone can have their own version of the perfect ice cream sundae.

After you present your sweet spread, use it to fuel the family for a fun movie or game night! The real gift for dad is spending quality time together.


Discover More Fun

Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting ways to bring STEAM learning to life for your family year-round!

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