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5 STEM Books for Kids to Read on Their Next Snow Day!

Next time your little one is stuck inside riding out a snowstorm or simply looking to cozy up on the couch, have them warm up with a good book. To help your family share the joy and benefits of reading, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® has compiled a list of five books that are fun, kid-friendly, and even includes STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts to keep them busy over the winter season!


“Mary Had a Little Lab” by Sue Fliess

A play on a classic nursery rhyme, this children’s book includes colorful illustrations, an exciting invention and a fun storyline. Mary, a lonely young inventor, thinks up a device to make her very own sheep to keep her company. After seeing how helpful her new pet is, her popularity skyrockets and her new friends all want sheep of their own! However, not all is smooth sailing when her invention gets jammed and won’t stop popping out more of these fluffy creatures. Mary and her friends must work together to problem solve and save the day.


“Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?” by Patrice McLaurin

This inspiring book encourages children to stop and think of all the ways African American inventors have improved our day-to-day lives. From the clocks we check to keep on time to the crunchy potato chips we snack on at lunch, we benefit in so many ways from their awesome innovations! After the story, your child can browse the included biographies of each mentioned inventor and complete the provided activities. What might your child be inspired to create after reading this book?


“The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires

In this sweet story, a girl and her best friend (who also happens to be her pet dog) take a journey to create what she deems the most magnificent thing! As she goes through the process of inventing something new, she designs, tinkers, fails and tries again. When her patience wears thin, she takes a break to walk her dog and reset. After calming down, she comes back to her project and makes the most magnificent thing! As your child reads through this story, they will learn to have the attitude of a maker while being introduced to persistence, patience and handling big emotions – all vital to bringing your greatest ideas to life!


“Spin the Golden Light Bulb” by Jackie Yeager

In this chapter book set in the year 2071, an 11-year-old girl has big dreams of building 67 inventions. However, to accomplish her goal, she must first earn her spot at Piedmont Inventor’s Prep School by competing alongside a few of her sixth-grade classmates to beat out other teams seeking entrance into the country’s best school for young inventors. Otherwise, she’ll have to study only one school subject for the next two years. This story takes a relatable kid with an inspiring goal and adds a sprinkle of futuristic fun – like robot monkey assistants!


“Dragons and Marshmallows” by Asia Citro

The first story in the Zoey and Sassafras chapter book series, “Dragons and Marshmallows” takes children on a journey of wonder, learning and, of course, magic! When Zoey learns an incredible secret about magical animals, she finds herself in a situation where she must help a sick baby dragon using science! As new scientific concepts are discussed, readers are provided with kid-friendly explanations and a glossary of definitions to ensure understanding.


Looking for Other Fun Reads?

Visit our blog for more awesome book suggestions and hands-on STEM activities to keep your child entertained all winter long!

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