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5 Fun Benefits to a Summer With Camp Invention

Summer is for playing, experimenting, learning and most of all, having fun! With so many options for spending your family’s precious summer days, you want to make sure your plans check all the boxes for your child. Camp Invention®, created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame®, does just that by helping them shine this sunny season. Keep reading to uncover five benefits of sending your child to camp this summer.


Meet New Friends

In each of this summer’s four all-new camp experiences, your child will team up with friends and make new ones to bring their big ideas to life. By collaborating to solve real-world challenges, they’ll learn that even the greatest innovators need support and encouragement from others to help them to be their brightest.


Learn Through Play

Summer camps should be fun, so we’ve filled ours with hands-on activities and open-ended exploration. It’s all backed by research and designed to give campers the freedom to be creative, curious and enthusiastic problem solvers, extending STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning through the summer in a way your child will love.


Explore Unique Interests

At Camp Invention, children are introduced to new and exciting hobbies, STEM careers and education pathways they might not have encountered anywhere else. These topics are all introduced in relevant, kid-friendly ways to help your camper connect their newfound learnings to things they already know they love – like sports, art, games, music or nature!


Find Meaningful Inspiration

Throughout their week at Camp Invention, your camper will learn about world-changing innovators (our National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees) and their important inventions. Rather than seeing their feats as unreachable, your child will learn that these inventors are relatable role models who have experienced many of the same challenges, motivations, failures and successes that we all do. By the end of the week, your child will see themselves as a creator and changemaker too!


Discover Greater Confidence

All our campers are empowered to share their thoughts, think big and persist through failure. Your camper will learn that their ideas have value as their peers and instructors encourage them to see their full potential in an environment that welcomes and supports everyone! By bringing their ideas to life through sketches, designs and invention prototypes, your camper will become confident in their problem-solving ability and willing to tackle any challenge that comes their way.


Secure Your Child’s Spot for Summer Fun

Learn more about our all-new Camp Invention program and save your child’s spot in the ultimate summer adventure by visiting our website today.

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