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4 Ways to Give Mom an Awesome Mother’s Day

Mother figures can be sources of comfort, inspiration and love throughout our lives. To thank them for their endless support and encouragement, we’ve got four awesome ideas to help children express gratitude while also stretching their STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills. Be sure to remind the moms in your life how much you love them, this Mother’s Day and every day!


1. Design a Bracelet With a Special Message

Do you have a word or short phrase you want a mother figure in your life to carry with them to remind them of your bond? You can use Morse code to create a personalized bracelet with your name, “I love you,” or an inspiring word you both hold close to your heart. Morse code uses dots and dashes to communicate messages, but you can use different colored beads – just make sure to share your unique system so they can decipher your bracelet! For detailed instructions, check out this STEM activity.


2. Pick Your Own Bouquet

Getting out and exploring nature lets you experience STEM in action. If your family grows their own flowers, or if you can find a local garden where you are allowed to pick enough for a bouquet, sharing a beautiful bunch of flowers handpicked with love is a great way to show someone you care. While you’re out curating the perfect collection, consider all the science from pollination to photosynthesis — that led to the beautiful blossoms you’re gathering!


3. Frame Handmade, Vintage-Inspired Art

Discover a fun combination of art, science and history as you try out the frame-worthy vintage photographic printing process called cyanotype, from the Greek word “cyan” meaning “dark blue impression.” You can give a beautiful handmade masterpiece with a fun nature theme using these detailed instructions to ensure a special mom in your life won’t feel “blue” this holiday.

Tip: You can use some of the extra flowers, petals and leaves from your homemade bouquet so the memory of your gift will remain long after the flowers have wilted and dried.


4. Create a One-of-a-Kind Treat Mix

Does the mother figure in your life prefer sweet, savory, salty or sour treats? Maybe they love a mix of many! Combining different foods and flavors with this STEM activity is a fun way to experiment in the kitchen while making a delicious gift — and science can help you make your mix even tastier. As you layer their favorite flavors to get a custom treat, pay attention to the salty-to-sweet ratio. Salt is a flavor enhancer, so adding a salty snack to something sweet can create a delicious bite through a process called flavor layering.


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