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Sponsor Spotlight: Shurtape Technologies

With the help of generous sponsors, National Inventors Hall of Fame® education programs have provided hands-on, imagination-stretching learning opportunities to children nationwide since 1990.

One of our dedicated partners, Shurtape Technologies, “strives to improve the lives of others through educational opportunities, community outreach, charitable donations and volunteer programs – with a special emphasis on the communities in which its employees live and work.”

Read on to learn how Shurtape, maker of trusted, innovative products including Duck Tape® brand duct tape, sparks lifelong creativity and invention.


Supporting Bright Ideas at Camp Invention

As Shurtape designs, manufactures and delivers adhesive tapes and other home and office solutions to inspire creativity in consumers and craftsmen alike, the organization “pushes the boundaries of science and imagination and markets DIY (Do It Yourself) and EIY (Express It Yourself) solutions that allow brilliant minds of all ages to burn brighter.”

One way Shurtape carries out this mission is by partnering with the National Inventors Hall of Fame to support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning and exploration through access to Camp Invention®.

The Hall of Fame’s flagship summer STEM program for children in grades K-6, Camp Invention immerses children in hands-on, confidence-building adventures that offer opportunities to imagine, investigate and invent. Each camp experience is inspired and directly influenced by the world’s most innovative role models: National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees.

“Supporting our children, their education and especially their creativity is very important to our organization,” explained Allison Shagovac, community relation manager at Shurtape. “We understand how important it is for them to experience hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom, and we know how important role models are for our children. Add some creativity and innovation into the mix, and that’s even better.”

Since 2018, Shurtape has generously donated Duck Tape brand products to Camp Invention sites across the country, helping young innovators take on STEM challenges and bring their brightest ideas into the world by building invention prototypes.


Empowering the Next Generation of Creators

Providing generous support for Camp Invention is just one of many ways Shurtape helps empower generations of makers, innovators and STEM leaders.

With Shurtape’s exciting Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest, young makers from across the U.S. and Canada craft intricate and impressive Duck Tape ensembles in hopes of winning one of two $10,000 cash prizes for college. After reviewing each entry based on color, workmanship, originality and accessories, and evaluating how Duck Tape was used in each design, contest judges select 10 finalists – five in a Dress category and five in a Tux category – and the public votes to determine the winners.

Shurtape also partners with Values in Action on Be Kind® Stick Together®. This free character education program is offered to schools and youth to promote kindness and sticking together, combat bullying and decrease negative behaviors. At the end of the program, students make a commitment to “stick together” by writing their name on a piece of Duck Tape and sticking it to a banner as a reminder of their pledge.

Additionally, Shurtape provides middle school, high school and college students with valuable opportunities to explore potential career roles in professional work environments within STEM fields.


Thank You, Shurtape Technologies!

Thanks to Shurtape’s donations to Camp Invention and the company’s ongoing commitment to inspiring creativity, children across the country have experienced the joy of expressing themselves and unlocked their innovative potential.

To learn more about how creators everywhere are using Duck Tape products to realize their innovative dreams, visit the Duck brand website.

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