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Sponsor Spotlight: Overdeck Family Foundation

With the mission to “measurably enhance education both inside and outside the classroom,” Overdeck Family Foundation is a valued partner in providing children with access to National Inventors Hall of Fame® education programs.

Established in 2011 by John and Laura Overdeck to provide all children the opportunity to unlock their potential, the Foundation funds efforts in the areas of early childhood, informal STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and K-9 programs that include supporting educators and student-centered learning environments.


Supporting OST Opportunities

Overdeck Family Foundation has partnered with the National Inventors Hall of Fame since 2020. In 2022 alone, our programs reached 286,000 children thanks to the support of organizations like Overdeck Family Foundation, providing high-quality STEM learning through engaging opportunities including Camp Invention® for grades K-6 and Club Invention® for grades 1-6.

Support for these programs is part of the Foundation’s Inspired Minds grantmaking portfolio, which aims to expand access to out-of-school time (OST) learning experiences that deepen family engagement and build STEM mindsets through “joyful, rigorous and student-directed STEM learning.”

Overdeck Family Foundation points out that “according to a recent study, 52% of parents indicate they prefer to direct and curate their child’s education rather than rely on their local school system, but securing out-of-school programs can be a challenge for many.” Because of this, the Foundation provides funding that helps enable all students to equitably access hands-on STEM learning.


Promoting Innovative Role Models

“We love that the National Inventors Hall of Fame is unique in providing access to role models and inspiration by connecting their programs to Hall of Fame Inductees,” said Carly Roberts, associate program director of out-of-school learning at Overdeck Family Foundation. “Invention education is an empowering way to help students see what is possible for their futures by giving them access to experiences and role models they might not have otherwise been able to access.”

Exposure to science and innovative role models not only influences a child’s understanding of their identity, but also impacts their learning and career trajectory.

“The more a child sees themselves and their peers as scientists, engineers, creators and innovators, the more significant the impact on their learning and career trajectories,” said Roberts. By ensuring access to opportunities to find relatable, innovative role models and build STEM identity, the Foundation’s grantmaking and strategic support make it possible for more children to become lifelong STEM learners and innovators, regardless of what career path they choose.


Partnering for Impact

To give families a better understanding of what our programs can do for their children, Overdeck Family Foundation has funded our partnership with Learning Heroes, leading to research-based insights that have strengthened our offerings.

By supporting and sponsoring a third-party, research-based relationship, the Foundation has helped the National Inventors Hall of Fame further family engagement efforts including analyzing and showcasing many proven program benefits, such as creating supportive environments, building confidence and problem-solving skills, introducing children to new perspectives, and supporting academic achievement and a love of learning.

“We are compelled by the impact the National Inventors Hall of Fame is having on students’ STEM interest, STEM attitudes and learning outcomes,” Roberts said. “The Hall of Fame’s Camp Invention and Club Invention programs consistently produce strong results.”


Learn More About Overdeck Family Foundation

Everyone at the National Inventors Hall of Fame is thankful for the continued, generous support of Overdeck Family Foundation. To learn more about the Foundation’s impactful work in enriching children’s lives, visit the website.

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