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Innovation on Display

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary at the NIHF Museum

As the National Inventors Hall of Fame® celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are excited to share that a new exhibit is on display at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, located at the headquarters of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia.

Recognizing the past, present and future of our Hall of Fame, this new exhibit is designed to inspire every visitor to dream of what we can all accomplish together in the next 50 years.


Honoring the Greatest Innovators Since 1973

Founded in partnership with the USPTO, the National Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates world-changing U.S. patent holders and connects them with the next generation.

It all began with one Inductee – Thomas Edison – at the first Induction Ceremony. This year, as we welcome the 2023 class, the Hall of Fame grows to 624 Inductees.


Inspiring Young Innovators Since 1990

With the launch of Camp Invention®, the National Inventors Hall of Fame became a leader in invention education. This nationwide K-6 summer camp builds an innovative mindset and skills through hands-on, problem-solving fun.

Growing from just a handful of program locations in the first few years to 1,200 schools and districts hosting camps across the country in 2022, the Hall of Fame’s flagship education program has reached 2.3 million children and educators so far.


Challenging Emerging Innovators Since 1990

The Collegiate Inventors Competition® is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for student inventors.

Finalists present their work to Judges including National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, compete for cash prizes and patent acceleration, and gain exposure and insight while networking with world-changing inventors.

As of 2022, 534 students have reached the Finalist round since the first competition in 1990.


Welcoming Visitors at the USPTO Since 2008

Since moving to the USPTO campus, the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum has invited visitors to Washington, D.C., to explore the ongoing story of American ingenuity.

A key exhibit, the Gallery of Icons, is an extraordinary display of icons commemorating each Inductee in an inspiring visual representation of the history of American innovation. The exhibit itself is protected by one utility patent and three design patents.


Advancing Invention Education Today

With hands-on, equitable education programs including Camp Invention, Invention Project® and Club Invention®, the National Inventors Hall of Fame is reaching more children than ever before! Each innovative program sparks children’s creativity through confidence-boosting, immersive experiences.

In 2021, for the first time in National Inventors Hall of Fame history, our supporters helped us provide a combined 1 million days of invention education.


Investing in the Future of American Ingenuity

Every great inventor can inspire countless others to make their own innovative mark on the world. The National Inventors Hall of Fame is dedicated to connecting one generation to the next.

Together with our partners, sponsors and donors, we have honored, inspired and challenged more than 3 million children, educators, college students and inventors to date.

To learn more about how we’re celebrating our first 50 years and how you can help shape the next 50 — visit our website.

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