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Thank You for Another Season of Creativity, Innovation and Fun!

Behind the NIHF Scenes

With another wonderful Camp Invention® season coming to an end, we at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® wanted to take the time to say thank you – to the families who share the joy of invention, creativity and curiosity with their children, and to the incredible educators across the country who inspire and nurture the next generation of innovators. You all have played an invaluable role in bringing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning to life.

This summer, campers were invited to design a one-of-a-kind animatronic robot while exploring its inner workings, become entrepreneurs by opening their own pop-up business, collaborate with friends as they built a custom skate park and learn to celebrate successes both big and small while planning the ultimate invention celebration. Throughout all these fun, hands-on experiences, they received lessons from inspirational inventors — our awesome Hall of Famers!

We can’t wait to see what these confident creators come up with at next summer’s all-new program. Until then, let’s hear what educators and families have to say about their Camp Invention adventures!

Our Amazing Educators Celebrated a Successful Summer

“Seeing students from all backgrounds and ages dive wholeheartedly into the project each day truly was the joy that all teachers seek. I had a blast!”
— Courtney A., Educator, Highlands, Colorado


“Walking through the classrooms and seeing and hearing the excitement – kiddos are up, engaged and having fun. Parents say they talk about their inventions for weeks!”
— Carrie D., Educator, Tampa, Florida


“The time set aside for children to work and invent was wonderful. So much of my classroom teaching is laid out, and not much is set aside for just exploring and inventing. This curriculum was so refreshing and uplifting to not only the students but to me as well.”
— Alicia A., Educator, Washington, Iowa


Camp Invention Families Loved Their 2023 Experience

“My son was able to show a creative side that we haven’t seen before. He likes to talk about what he’s learned and apply it to daily life. He had a blast! He also talked about helping another friend with his robot so that it would be ‘even cooler’ than if they did them separately, which I thought was amazing! Teamwork was a huge takeaway for him.”
— Staci S., Parent, Fayetteville, Arkansas

“[My daughter] has been more interested in robotics. She tells us things she has learned from the camp, and it always impresses us with the things that are saved in her brain. It’s opening her mind to things she doesn’t learn in school. We loved Camp Invention!”
— Angela K., Parent, Gretna, Nebraska


“My son tells me everything about camp during the car ride home. He can’t get the words out fast enough! He wishes he could do it all summer long. He also said he definitely wants to be a [Leader-in-Training] when he’s old enough. At home, he asked us to save boxes, begged us to buy a new hot glue gun and comes up with new ideas to ‘make his life easier.’ There’s something special about this camp. It ignites such excitement in him. It’s a joy to witness. Thanks for another great year!”
— Laura S., Parent, Haddonfield, New Jersey

See You Soon

Thank you for making this another super-inspiring, imagination-stretching camp season – we can’t wait to see you again next summer! To discover even more highlights from this season, we encourage you to check out our Facebook page.

Are you already looking forward to heading back to camp? Preregister now for 2024!

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