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Behind the NIHF Scenes

What Do the Best Days of Summer Look Like?

At Camp Invention®, we’ve helped millions of children create lifelong summer memories through innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities — and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years! Each year’s brand-new program is designed to ensure that both returning and first-time campers enjoy an exciting experience every summer.

This year, we’ve created our most flexible Camp Invention program yet, with both in-person and at-home options. Wondering what a typical day looks like in each format? Read on to find out!


A Day at Camp Invention In Person

Camp Invention In Person is led by certified local educators who prioritize children’s health and safety, in locations with plenty of space for social distancing.

  1. As your child checks in, the action starts right away as the Camp Director kicks off all the fun and learning.
  2. At Base Camp, your child joins educators and Leadership Interns to play team-building games and prepare for a day packed with adventure and excitement!
  3. Campers take on two creative challenges before taking a quick break to help keep their minds moving.
  4. While half of our campers eat their packed lunches, the other half refuels with well-deserved outdoor games (as long as weather allows) — and then they switch!
  5. Campers jump into two more high-energy STEM challenges that will keep them collaborating and socializing with their friends.
  6. Campers regroup with their Leadership Interns at Base Camp and focus on taking their amazing problem-solving power even further.
  7. When you pick up your child, they are sure to be bubbling with excitement and sharing stories about how much fun they had at camp!

“My son was nervous on the first day. It was his first year, so he wasn’t sure what to expect, nor was I. After the first day, he couldn’t wait to go back and is already looking forward to doing it again!”
– Amanda, Camp Invention Parent


“After the first day she was so excited to keep going back and was super sad that it was only a week long! She told me about everything that was taught and shown throughout the week with such enthusiasm.”
Alicia, Camp Invention Parent


A Day With Camp Invention At Home

The Camp Invention At Home experience offers all the hands-on fun of our in-person program —because everything your camper needs is shipped directly to your door! Each day is flexible, with opportunities to go screen free and self led, or join friends online for live coaching and collaboration sessions.

  1. An Innovator’s Toolkit, packed with tons of creative materials, is sent to your home before your program starts. Unbox it right away — your child will be excited to set up their own creative space with their included Innovator Workshop!
  2. To start each day, your child is invited to a live online kickoff session with their certified educator Coach. They’ll enjoy icebreakers to help them warm up, helpful activity instruction and opportunities to make friends.
  3. Following a quick break, your camper will be eager to get back online to create and invent with their Coach and fellow campers.
  4. After taking a break for lunch, campers socialize, build friendships and get excited for the rest of the day’s hands-on fun.
  5. Following an afternoon hangout session with their friends, your child can enjoy some screen-free time and go outdoors to dive into more high-energy STEM activities.
  6. At the end of each day, campers regroup online to complete their final challenge and celebrate each other’s progress. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t want the day to end!

The amount of materials and instructions given make it easy and fun for my son to create and design. He is the only child at home, so for him to be able to connect online with other kids, collaborate and just talk to people his age was important.”
Amanda, Camp Invention Parent


My daughters received their kits last week. As we pulled into the driveway, they saw the boxes waiting by the front door. They squealed when they realized it was Camp Invention!
Mary, Camp Invention Parent


Reserve Your Spot at Camp Invention Today

The perfect summer program for any child who loves to create, Camp Invention is equally fun in both at-home and in-person settings.

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