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Safe and Secure STEM Learning at Camp Invention

When it comes to designing a learning environment where students feel comfortable enough to freely create and explore, safety is of the utmost importance. It’s for this reason that for 30 years, parents across the country have trusted the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) to provide innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education for their children.

Safety and Familiarity

Unique among educational summer programs, at Camp Invention® all of our Instructors are certified local educators. Because of this, children will often recognize teachers they have interacted with during the school year. This familiarity provides campers with a sense of comfort that fosters creativity.

Amy Crute, a Camp Invention Director at East Clayton Elementary School in Clayton, NC, believes in the importance of local educators. “I believe that having local educators helps students and parents feel more comfortable in our environment,” Crute said in an interview with NIHF. “Our Instructors are top-notch educators who want to increase STEM and critical thinking skills for our campers.”

Equally important to creating a safe learning environment is NIHF’s ongoing commitment to cleanliness at all our Camp Invention sites.

For example, with this year’s Camp Invention curriculum, Elevate, each program location receives bottles of hand sanitizer, trash bags, alcohol swabs for cleaning safety glasses, and a first aid kit containing BAND-AID® bandages, ice packs, gauze and gloves.

Marianne Bradburn, Director of Camp Invention at Timber Ridge Elementary school in Snoqualmie, WA, has been continuously impressed by the hygienic materials provided to all Camp Invention sites. “Camp Invention supplies all the materials needed to ensure that campers have a clean learning environment,” Bradburn said in an interview with NIHF. “The leaders have students use hand sanitizer after each class, as well as before and after lunch, and have first aid supplies available for any small mishap.”

It’s this pairing of local educators experienced in classroom management and dedication to health and hygiene that makes Camp Invention a uniquely safe STEM summer program. For Sally Nguyen, Camp Invention Director at Arbor Heights Elementary school in Seattle, WA, this combination makes for an ideal learning environment for the students in her care.

“I’ve always appreciated how Camp Invention works with local educators who are experienced in maintaining a safe classroom environment and prioritize good hygienic practices, Nguyen said in an interview with NIHF. “As a Camp Invention Director, my goal has always been to ensure that all students feel secure so they can focus on their creativity.”

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Today, it is more important than ever for parents to make decisions that will keep their children safe and healthy. At NIHF, we are humbled by the trust that parents have continued to place in us, and in 2019 alone were able to inspire 130,000 children through our ever-evolving Camp Invention curriculum.

As our country continues working together to overcome the challenges associated with the COVID-19 virus, we want to assure you that we too are doing our part. To learn more about these efforts, we invite you to read our communicable disease preparedness plan.

To learn more about our flagship STEM program, Camp Invention, please visit our website.

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