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Build Your Dream Business With Pop-Up Venture

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At the National Inventors Hall of Fame®, our education team thinks up new and inspiring ways to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning to life for your child at Camp Invention®. Our K-6 summer STEM camp promotes persistence, sparks creativity and encourages collaboration with hands-on challenges designed to inspire every camper!

Pop-Up Venture is one of four never-before-seen experiences in the all-new 2023 Camp Invention program, Wonder. Does your child have an idea for the next big thing? Keep reading to discover how they can turn their interest into a successful business while learning entrepreneurial skills!


Build a Business From the Ground Up and Strategize to Make It a Success

In this innovative experience, campers will develop their own business idea and work independently and collaboratively through creative challenges to help their pop-up prosper.

First, campers are inspired to develop ideas for an exciting pop-up shop, give it a name and determine what will make their business unique. Next, they create their business plan and practice managing their resources as they buy materials, a business license and permits using an assigned bank card. Throughout this process, campers practice counting, measurement and working with both time and money.

After accumulating all the supplies they’ll need by purchasing materials from shops in the city of “Pop-Up,” campers build a 3D model of their business! They even close the loop in a circuit to make an LED light up and brighten their business model.

Campers find out that becoming an entrepreneur isn’t always smooth sailing. Obstacles like bad weather conditions might impact their business opening! Thankfully, they exercise their creative problem-solving and responsible decision-making skills to overcome the unexpected and build an advertising plan to get the word out to customers.

When the week is over, campers take home their pop-up model to keep their dream business going after opening day!


Campers Build Essential Skills and Traits

Each of our four brand-new 2023 camp experiences is designed to help your child unlock their creative potential by building the same powerful mindset shared by innovators like our world-changing Hall of Famers. Your child will build this mindset through hands-on exploration, strengthening it each time they use it. Best of all, they can apply this mindset throughout their lives, regardless of where their innovative journey takes them.

Pop-Up Venture will focus on the following topics:

Entrepreneurship: Your child will dream up their own business and develop marketing plans to make it a success. Throughout the week, they will have to overcome obstacles and manage their resources like true entrepreneurs.

Intellectual Property: As your child comes up with their own unique creations, they will learn to recognize the value of their ideas and the importance of protecting them.

Confidence: By making decisions and completing challenges to improve their business, your child will build confidence in themselves and in their problem-solving skills.


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