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Find Effective Ways to Explore Phenomena at Camp Invention

Children are naturally curious. From wondering why leaves are green to asking how caterpillars transform into butterflies, the world is full of fascinating natural phenomena: observable facts or events that occur without human input.

As science education continues to evolve, in line with the Next Generation Science Standards, increasingly, teachers have started to promote the importance of phenomena-based instruction, where the focus of learning shifts from learning about a topic to discovering why or how something happens.

Because any teaching technique requires exercise prior to mastery, it’s helpful for educators to have a safe environment in which to practice. With our all-new 2023 Camp Invention® program, Wonder, Instructors and campers alike have the opportunity to play and get comfortable with phenomena and uncover for themselves a variety of avenues to access this transformative learning technique. Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiences, children develop evidence-based ideas to explain the natural events occurring around them each day.

We invite you to discover how our upcoming Camp Invention program explores phenomena and their corresponding anchor standards!


Catching Air

In this module, children design and build their own skate parks and explore the forces of gravity by practicing tricks with their mini skateboards. Throughout the week, they apply their discoveries to make iterative improvements to their parks while learning how physics plays a crucial role in the process of building effective skateboarding features including half pipes, ramps, bowls and rails.


Invention Celebration

As campers become confident event planners creating a grand celebration, they experiment with sound vibrations while constructing and playing their own musical instruments. Using a box paired with different-sized popsicle sticks, children are able to see how the pitch of each note varies depending on the length of each stick. Additionally, as they participate in party games, they have the opportunity to make natural physics connections while immersed in the act of play.



In this module, campers investigate the inner workings of their own MimicBot — a robot that mimics sounds — and transform it into a customized animatronic stuffie. Through this experience, children learn that in nature, mimicry occurs when two organisms resemble each other but are not closely related biologically. Examples include insects with unique markings that are used for protection, plants with features that attract pollinators, and even birds that can mimic other bird calls and even sounds from their surrounding environments.


Pop-Up Venture

As campers learn how to make strong financial decisions in creating their own pop-up business, they use a credit card that causes an LED light to turn on. They investigate the phenomenon of electric circuits and gain experience in why and how the lights work. While all children have experience with light in the natural and designed world, this module might represent their first opportunity to discuss the basics of circuit making.


Bring the All-New 2023 Camp Invention Program to Your District

Reach out to one of our invention education specialists to find out how you can bring Camp Invention to your district! To learn more about this year’s new Wonder program, we invite you to visit our website.

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