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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Explore the Earth and Water With Operation: HydroDrop

Every summer, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® brings the fun of learning to life at Camp Invention®, the high-energy STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camp made for kids in grades K-6. This program inspires kids’ creativity and confidence through hands-on exploration of the world around them.

Operation: HydroDrop is one of four all-new experiences in the 2024 Camp Invention program, Illuminate! Read on to discover how your child will tackle real-life water challenges around the world, exploring ecosystems, water conservation and innovative ways of helping people and the planet.

Embark on a Global Problem-Solving Adventure

In this immersive experience, campers learn to be hydro heroes as they head out to solve water-related challenges for people and our planet. To begin their journey, campers get familiar with their very own light-up robotic lab-on-wheels, inspired by cutting-edge marine technology, to help them tap into their ingenuity.

Diving into basic engineering, your camper will investigate the inner workings of the bot by taking it apart and examining what makes it move and light up. Throughout their week at camp, they’ll transform their bot into a lab-on-wheels and personalize it by adding a lab scene and certification stickers when they complete specific tasks and challenges. They’ll team up with friends to create their own model tiny homes complete with amenities and crops, and tapping into their design thinking skills, they’ll invent their own greywater system for hydrating their plants using recycled water.

Along the way, your child will learn about interesting water-based inventions, ranging from flood-control technology to water-cleaning devices. They’ll hear from people around the globe and discover how creative ideas can turn into world-changing solutions for our water-covered planet.


Develop an Inventive Mindset

Camp Invention was created to inspire curiosity and discovery in young learners. To unlock your child’s creative potential, this program will help them build the I Can Invent® Mindset. Made up of powerful skills and traits, this mindset will help your child be their best self, both now and in the future.

Operation: HydroDrop focuses on the following components of the I Can Invent Mindset, helping your camper to grow their abilities in these areas:

  • Creative Problem Solving: Your child will draw upon their own ideas and imagination for creative problem solving as they identify solutions to actual water challenges and problems facing our world. As they work to come up with innovative answers, they will be preparing to take on both everyday problems and complex challenges.
  • Confidence: As your child realizes they can affect real change through their thoughts and actions, they become confident creators, able to take on take on obstacles. They’ll build self-assurance when they turn their ideas into reality.
  • STEM: When your child looks to create a better future for people and the planet in this experience, they’re using STEM concepts to do it. From reverse engineering their lab-on-wheels to studying water quality to exploring marine technology, they’ll learn about STEM in fun, interactive ways.

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