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Get Hands-On with the Science of Gaming in Marble Arcade

Each summer, thanks to our hard-working education team, children can enjoy an all-new experience at Camp Invention®, the K-6 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer camp from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF). Our program development and piloting process ensures that all our campers can jump into imagination-stretching activities designed to engage and inspire.

Marble Arcade is one of four action-packed experiences in our brand-new 2022 Camp Invention program, Explore! Read on to discover what adventures your child can look forward to this summer.


High-Energy STEM Fun for Gamers and Creators

In Marble Arcade, children zigzag through physics, engineering and gaming know-how to build a mega marble machine that shows how math, motion and mass can turn science into a marble-ous experience.

Throughout their week at camp, children are encouraged to work together, collaborating to complete problem-solving challenges while making friends. At the same time, they are introduced to world-famous inventors who worked in teams to accomplish incredible things.

Marble Arcade has the power to bring STEM subjects to life by allowing children to experience math and science concepts in a hands-on way. By rolling their glowing LED marbles through their obstacle courses, campers experience firsthand the meaning behind concepts they’ve been introduced to in school.

See the Innovation Mindset Difference

Each Camp Invention activity helps children build an Innovation Mindset,  the essential skills and traits that have been shown to unlock creative potential. Developed in collaboration with our world-changing NIHF Inductees, children can use and benefit from this mindset throughout their lives.

Marble Arcade highlights the following aspects of the Innovation Mindset:

Design Thinking: While building their interactive marble arcades, campers overcome design-related challenges that allow them to express their creativity and problem-solving skills. To customize their unique creations, campers can color and personalize their board by theme, and even construct super slides and secret passageways to create the marble run of their dreams.

Persistence: Each day, campers are presented with different variables and challenges they will need to overcome. Thanks to our supportive environment and dedicated Camp Invention Instructors, children are encouraged every step of the way by their teachers and fellow campers as they build the confidence to succeed.

STEM: Campers get the chance to experience STEM concepts like physics, engineering and math in hands-on ways. By altering the size and material of their marbles, they learn how the mass of an object and the friction from the surface it rolls across impact the speed of their marble and where it lands.


Learn More About Camp Invention

To learn more about what your child can look forward to at Camp Invention and to reserve your spot today we invite you to visit our website!

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