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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Shine Bright with Let’s Glow

Each summer, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® empowers kids at Camp Invention®. This hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) camp is designed for kids in grades K-6, inspiring creativity, confidence and collaboration.

Let’s Glow is one of four all-new experiences in the 2024 Camp Invention program, Illuminate! Continue reading to learn how your child will make illuminating discoveries and use the power of light to help their ideas shine this summer.

Explore Light in Glowing Inventions, Animals and More

In this curiosity-sparking experience, campers explore the science of light and build their STEM knowledge to engineer their own one-of-a-kind Glow Box!

In the biophysics lab, your camper will reflect on their ideas by investigating how light works in LEDs, fiber optics and even the DNA of glowing animals. They’ll build their Glow Box, wiring a circuit board to power the light strips they’ll install. Once they construct their Glow Box, they’ll unleash their creativity by layering lots of color and materials to create interesting visual effects from shadows and color mixing to ultraviolet-reactive designs. As they explore ultraviolet light they’ll use it to help their box and their creativity — glow.

Your child will uncover clues to reveal the mystery behind a creature with a glowing feature, adding another layer to their Glow Box with each new finding. At the end of their week at camp, they’ll take their Glow Box home and continue to grow their perseverance, build confidence and use their ideas to inspire a brighter future.


Uncover Innovative Thinking

Camp Invention is all about helping kids become their best selves by unleashing their potential through engaging experiences that foster creative thinking, problem solving and fun. The I Can Invent® Mindset is their key to building important traits and skills that will help them navigate through life, both now and in the future.

Let’s Glow focuses on the following components of the I Can Invent Mindset, helping your camper to grow their abilities in these areas:

  • STEM: Your child will explore STEM concepts like genetic engineering and the physics of light as they experiment with glowing materials. They’ll get the chance to experience STEM in fun, approachable ways.
  • Persistence: When building their Glow Box, your child will develop persistence as they wire a circuit to make their LEDs glow. With determination and ingenuity, their colorful designs shine when they power on their creation.
  • Design Thinking: As your child learns how to create and refine their customized Glow Box, they’ll practice their design thinking. From constructing the box itself to adding layers and making it shine, they’ll apply real-world problem-solving techniques and build critical thinking skills.

Secure Your Spot at Camp Invention Today

Make this your child’s best and brightest summer yet with our brand-new Camp Invention program – secure your spot today!

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