Collaborating with Friends at Camp Invention

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Collaborating with Friends at Camp Invention

At the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF), we believe that truly great outcomes are rarely the result of a single individual. Instead, time and time again our world-changing Inductees have told us that working in collaboration with others has been one of the keys to their success. This makes sense, as the collective effort and creativity of a group often generate ideas and solutions at a faster rate compared to what a single person can produce on their own.

Even the act of brainstorming can be improved by involving others. According to Fast Company, group brainstorms are most effective when those participating are diverse and can offer unique skill sets and experiences. Additionally, the publication suggests that teams cultivate spaces where people are empowered to express their ideas freely without fear of judgment.

NIHF’s education team prides itself on devoting 20 months to the development of each summer’s all-new Camp Invention® program. Our flagship summer program is designed to encourage students to work together and find solutions to real-world problems. In this environment, campers tend to naturally form friendships as they pursue common goals and objectives. For children who are naturally shy, having them attend a camp that is both welcoming and inviting can help build their confidence and belief in their creativity.

This sense of collaboration and teamwork permeates throughout all the activities in our new 2020 Camp Invention program, Elevate.

  • In Camp Invention Flight Lab™, students work together to explore the principles of flight by experimenting with paper planes, gliders, rockets, helicopters and hand-copters.
  • Design Thinking Project™ invites children to collaborate by using our inventor-informed Design Thinking Process to transform their ideas into products.
  • As a part of Rescue Squad™ campers team up and experiment to purify polluted water, protect vulnerable habitats and discover how parachutes are used to transport injured animals.
  • Each day in Camp Invention Champions™, participants invent their very own games and specialized equipment. To test these unique games, they prototype through the act of play!

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To learn more about Camp Invention’s all-new 2020 program and to sign your child up today, we invite you to visit our website.

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