Future Leaders: A Unique Opportunity for Students in Grades 7-9

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Future Leaders: A Unique Opportunity for Students in Grades 7-9

The National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program is an ideal way for students in 7th through 9th grade to gain valuable leadership experience while helping inspire younger students to embrace their creativity.

Formerly known as our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program, the LIT program gives students the opportunity to set goals, reflect on their experiences, adapt leadership techniques, give and receive constructive feedback and evaluate their own performance. Not only does this program give students the opportunity to make a lifelong impression on younger children but it can also be a positive influence on future career decisions.

Below are four additional reasons why your child should enroll today!


Upon completion, LIT participants receive program certification and an official NIHF recommendation letter that can be used for professional or educational purposes.


During Camp Invention, LIT work with experienced Camp Instructors to facilitate lesson plans. Throughout the week, these Camp Instructors empower LIT to become role models for Camp Invention participants.


LIT receive daily goals and advice from NIHF Inductees to help them encourage and inspire Camp Invention participants. This goal setting practice is incredibly valuable and can be applied in many different aspects of a student’s life.


LIT are given the opportunity to foster team spirit among peers and young campers. By working together with Camp Instructors, Leadership Interns and other LIT, students will gain an appreciation for teamwork and the power of working together to arrive at the best solutions.

Sign up today!

With this unique camp leadership opportunity, not only will your child have fun, but they will also gain valuable skills for the future. For more information about our LIT program, please visit our website.

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