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An Investment in Camp Invention Is an Investment in Your Child

When exploring summertime enrichment opportunities for your child, we know you’re looking to choose meaningful experiences that will have an impact – ones where they will grow valuable life skills, learn about new topics, find their interests, feel accepted and ultimately, have fun! We also understand that cost can be a considerable factor when determining what camps and extracurriculars might be right for your family. We believe that our camp experience, formally measured and researched, is so unique and educationally enriching, you’ll see the value in investing in this program as the benefits extend far beyond the summer and years into your child’s future.

Camp Invention®, our high-energy, confidence-boosting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) summer camp is an exciting opportunity for curious kids entering grades K-6. Through hands-on experiences, Camp Invention fosters problem solving, resilience, creativity and collaboration. While your child will undoubtedly make fantastic memories and lasting friendships, there is new data to show Camp Invention supports sustainable achievement in the classroom, too.


Benefits by the Numbers

The Summit Education Initiative (SEI) is a research-based nonprofit organization working to support personal and regional prosperity through education in Summit County, Ohio. In partnership with over 20 school districts, SEI has analyzed the impact of out-of-school programs on students’ academic outcomes. This group’s research has highlighted some remarkable benefits for campers.

As SEI studied Camp Invention participation, it found improvements across the board in areas of school attendance, GPA, mathematics and reading.

Among children who attended Camp Invention:

  • The mean number of absences dropped when comparing the last grading period of the 2021-22 school year with the first grading period of the 2022-23 school year
  • The mean GPA increased over that same time period
  • The average iREADY math percentile scores were above those of children who had attended other summer programs
  • The average iREADY reading percentile scores also were above those of children who had attended other summer programs

While Camp Invention provides a supportive environment where your child will find joy in learning, confidence in their abilities and a sense of belonging, they’ll also gain so much more. We have formally measured the impact of our education programs for over 25 years, and research continues to show significant academic improvements in our campers. You can be sure that the advantages of this inspired program will positively impact your child in school and in their future.


See What Families Are Saying

As research has shown, families are seeing how Camp Invention is empowering their children as they develop their creative identity and build valuable life skills. Check out how this program fosters academic achievement and a love of learning directly from parents.

“My daughter has loved doing Camp Invention for the past two summers. She always comes home invigorated and extra curious about how everything works, and she carries that into the school year in her math and science classes.” – Alyssa G., parent, Poughkeepsie, NY

The camp was so wonderful for my son. He had a tough school year, and this camp was amazing for him. I was worried because his confidence and ability to find friends was hard this year. It is awesome when you find other people that get excited about the same things you do. He loves STEAM and experiments. I will continue this camp for him every year and I look forward to when he can be a leader for the camp. It exceeded my expectations and made him so happy. Thank you for such a well-organized and well-thought-out camp.” – Beth W., parent, Mason, OH

“The teachers were incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, positive, excited … You name the adjective, they possessed it! Our son grew academically, socially and emotionally. We are beyond happy with his experience this year and cannot wait for next year to bring our daughter as well!” – Kelsey H., parent, Klamath Falls, OR


Experience the Value of Camp Invention

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