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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Join the STEM Party With Invention Celebration

Are you ready to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning to life for your child? Our awesome education team here at the National Inventors Hall of Fame® comes up with new and exciting ways to make this a reality each year at Camp Invention®. The K-6 STEM camp boosts confidence, creativity and collaboration with hands-on activities carefully crafted to inspire campers!

Invention Celebration is one of four exciting experiences that make up the all-new 2023 Camp Invention program, Wonder. Want to know what your child can expect to discover by participating in this innovative party? Keep reading to find out!

Plan, Prototype and Practice Creativity

Let the party begin with stellar inventions, fun games and cool hats galore. In this creative, hands-on experience, campers become event planners and innovate their way to the ultimate celebration. As they develop plans for the big event, children learn about the importance of celebrating their successes, persisting through challenges and putting their creativity to the test – all while having fun!

During their week at camp, children experiment with circuitry to design a party hat that lights up. To learn about and experiment with sound vibrations, they build their own unique instrument. Then they tune up by collaborating and sharing ideas to write and play songs.

As they discover that event planning takes a lot of work, participants play an assembly line game to learn about efficiency. Campers then use their newly efficient mindset to invent a Party Assistant that can support their efforts to make the day successful. When the week is through, campers take home their creations to keep the STEM party going!


See Your Child’s Creative Mindset in Action

Each of the four experiences included in our brand-new 2023 camp program is designed to help children unlock their creative potential by building the essential skills and traits that make up the mindset shared by innovators like our world-changing Hall of Famers. Your child will build this mindset through hands-on exploration, strengthening it each time they use it. Best of all, they can apply this mindset throughout their lives, regardless of where their innovative journey takes them.

Invention Celebration will focus on the following topics:

STEM: Your child will learn about energy and complete an experiment in circuitry to make their party hat light up! They will explore sound and vibrations by building and playing their one-of-a-kind instrument, and after they finish planning their big event, they will apply physics concepts and probability while playing party games.

Confidence: As your child learns to celebrate their accomplishments both large and small, they come across new opportunities to build upon their confidence.

Intellectual Property: Your child will learn about the importance of intellectual property and copyrights as they create their very own song on their customized instrument.

Innovation: Throughout the week, your child will create multiple awesome inventions! Flexing their creative skills, they’ll design and build a unique Party Assistant to help them accomplish their celebration goals.


Reserve Your Child’s Spot at Camp Invention

To learn more about the all-new fun you can expect from our 2023 Camp Invention program – and to save your spot today – we encourage you to visit our website!

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