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How Can You Help More Children Access the Benefits of Camp Invention?

Every gift made to the National Inventors Hall of Fame® in support of scholarships to Camp Invention® makes a lasting difference in a child’s life. When you choose to give monthly, your impact is amplified, not only by reaching more children in your community, but also by helping make our flagship summer STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program even more efficient and effective.

Your monthly donation provides steady support to ensure that as many children as possible can access valuable learning opportunities.

Monthly giving is the simplest way to make the biggest impact. Read on to learn more about the doors you open for local children with each recurring gift.


Help Children Reach Their Potential

Your support empowers the next generation of your community’s leaders to build an innovative mindset and skills they need to navigate their lives and contribute to a brighter, more innovative future.


Introduce Innovative Role Models

Research shows that exposure to innovation during childhood can increase the likelihood that a child will become an innovative adult. With this in mind, each summer’s brand-new Camp Invention curriculum is inspired and directly influenced by the world’s greatest innovators: National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. When you help children attend camp, you introduce them to these diverse, relatable role models who will inspire them to recognize their own potential.

Spark Confidence, Collaboration and Creative Problem Solving

Thanks to your monthly donations, children in your community can develop their own inventive identity as they take on exciting STEM challenges. Camp Invention builds confidence and persistence through hands-on learning and helps young innovators develop a sense of pride and responsibility for their work. Just one week of this unique program is proven to result in both short- and long-term improvements in creativity, STEM interest, collaboration and problem solving. Plus, children naturally form friendships as they work together to solve real-world problems and achieve shared goals.

Boost Academic Achievement

By helping send local children to camp, you set them up for academic success and encourage a lifelong love of learning. Participating in Camp Invention during the summer is shown to increase performance and engagement the following school year. In fact, camp attendance contributes to better school attendance, a higher GPA and improved test scores — three key steps to ensuring a child is prepared to follow a college-going path.

Support Your Community as a Monthly Donor

Every child deserves the chance to reap the many benefits of Camp Invention. As a monthly donor, you make the difference for local children who need financial assistance to attend this one-of-a-kind camp alongside their peers.

To become a monthly donor right now, visit and select “Monthly” to make your gift recurring.

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