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Exploring Careers in STEAM at Camp Invention

This summer, ignite your child’s imagination at Camp Invention®, a hands-on experience that introduces curious kids to the foundational aspects of various STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) career paths. Each year, STEAM concepts are brought to life in exciting and relatable ways, giving campers the opportunity to connect with many different fields, all while having fun, building confidence and making friends.

Check out just a few of the future careers your camper will discover this summer in the brand-new 2024 Camp Invention program, Illuminate!



In the Game brings together athletics, invention and business as campers explore the science behind sports ball design, then create a light-up game board. After experimenting with inclined planes and gravitational pull, your child will be ready to develop their own ball game. They will learn how to protect their ideas with intellectual property rights, then build a brand around their game, complete with a unique name and logo. Finally, they’ll identify the target audience for their game, gaining an understanding of how to successfully market their product.

Electrical Engineer

In Let’s Glow, your camper will uncover the science of light by investigating LEDs, fiber optics and even the genetic code of glowing animals. Then, they’ll use their knowledge of light to engineer a one-of-a-kind Glow Box, wiring a circuit board to power the light strips they’ll install. Once they construct their Glow Box, your child will unleash their creativity by layering lots of color and materials to produce interesting visual effects. Equipped with an understanding of circuitry, their box – and their creativity – will shine brightly.


Operation: HydroDrop invites campers on an epic expedition to solve water challenges around the world, helping people and the planet. Throughout their week at camp, your child will learn about interesting water-based inventions, ranging from flood-control technology to water-cleaning devices. With help from a light-up robotic lab-on-wheels, they’ll study the importance of water around the globe. They’ll tap into their ingenuity as they identify solutions to real water problems and challenges, becoming a hydro hero along the way.

Product Designer

In Prototyping Studio, your camper will be encouraged to unlock their amazing imagination as they make their ideas a reality through design. As they star as a game show contestant, your child will be empowered to transform their invention concepts into working prototypes using everyday items. They’ll grow their persistence by testing their prototypes and making needed improvements, much like the job of a product designer. After completing a series of rapid prototyping challenges, your child will learn that anyone can invent anything, anywhere.

Inspire Your Child at Camp Invention This Summer

Make this your child’s best and brightest summer yet with our brand-new Camp Invention program – secure your spot today!

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