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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Join Our Refer a Friend Program

Start sharing your love of Camp Invention® and earning unlimited rewards by joining our all-new Refer a Friend program. Signing up is easy — just follow these four steps:


Step 1

Visit our website to learn all about this exciting new program.   


Step 2

Submit your preferred email address on the provided form and you’ll receive a unique link and savings code that your friends and family can use to register for Elevate, Camp Invention’s brand new curriculum for 2020.


Step 3

Share your unique link and promo code with your friends and family, and across your social networks. Each friend who uses the promo code saves $20 on their registration cost.


Step 4

Each time a new camper is registered for our program using your link, you will earn a $10 Gift Card for the first family, and a $5 Gift Card for each additional family. The amount you can earn is limitless, so join today!


Hear what parents have to say about Camp Invention

“He has come home every day saying, ‘I loved it.’ He has told several friends how they have to come next year.”

  • Melissa H., 
    Apple Valley, Minnesota


“Camp Invention has impacted my child in different ways. She is more creative, thinks out of the box and loves the friendship she has made. “

  • Victoria R.,
    Danville, Illinois


“Both of my children had a blast! I will be sure to not only share this info with my friends, but to my students and their families.”

  • Beth G.,
    Olive Branch, Mississippi

Help spread innovation across the country

Since 1990, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) has provided students with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programming that inspires creativity and innovation. At Camp Invention, our flagship summer experience, campers are introduced to our world-changing NIHF Inductees and learn lessons from their unique stories.

According to research from Opportunity Insights, children who are exposed to innovation at an early age are significantly more likely to innovate when they grow up.  Your participation in our Refer a Friend program can give even more children the opportunity to transform into pioneers of the future.

Start sharing your link and earning rewards sign up today!


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