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Skate Through Physics in Catching Air

Behind the NIHF Scenes Program Highlights

Here at the National Inventors Hall of Fame®, we believe in the power of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning. Our incredible education team works to bring the magic of hands-on invention education to life at Camp Invention®. Our K-6 summer STEM camp encourages innovation, inspires creative thinking, and provides opportunities for collaborating and making new friends!

Catching Air is one of four never-before-seen experiences in the all-new 2023 Camp Invention program, Wonder. Keep reading to hear about the high-flying fun your child will have when building their very own skate park!

Roll Into Fun STEM Learning

In this high-energy experience, campers design a unique skate park, practice jumps and tricks with their mini skateboards, and experience the power of physics in action. They’ll grow their confidence as they persist through challenges and level up their creativity.

Throughout the week, campers put on their design thinking caps to deck out their skate park with epic features like ramps, bowls, jumps and rails, and custom-lettered signage. Once they're ready to test their creation, campers put on their designer finger shoe and take their board for a spin. They also receive a skater character that’s the perfect size to test their tricks – an awesome slug figure inspired by the narrator of Catching Air, Allie Oops. Plus, campers get to design their very own rider to shred through their park!

As their camp experience goes on, children are encouraged to look to the future and invent a new wheeled device for their skate park. Expanding their creativity, they continue to improve upon their skate park and add new, exciting opportunities to catch air!

Like any new hobby, it takes time to build your skills. Campers will take home two mini skateboards, a finger shoe, a skater slug and their rad new skate park to keep practicing even when camp is over!


Campers Build Essential Skills and Traits

Each of our four brand-new 2023 camp experiences is designed to help your child unlock their creative potential by building the same powerful mindset shared by innovators like our world-changing Hall of Famers. Your child will build this mindset through hands-on exploration, strengthening it each time they use it. Best of all, they can apply this mindset throughout their lives, regardless of where their innovative journey takes them.

Catching Air will focus on the following topics:

Persistence: As your child learns new tricks and skills with their skateboards, they will learn that it’s OK to make mistakes while you’re learning, and that you can reach your goals with practice and patience.

Design Thinking: Your child will be challenged to think up and bring to life new, fun features for their skate park, and they will get to test their skills using their mini skateboards and finger shoe.

STEM: While experimenting with physics, your child will learn concepts surrounding force, balance, motion and more.

Innovation: Your child will be encouraged to show off their vision of tomorrow’s skate scene by transforming a second mini skateboard into a wheeled device of the future.


Reserve Your Child’s Spot at Camp Invention

To learn more about the all-new fun you can expect from our 2023 Camp Invention program – and to save your spot today – we encourage you to visit our website!

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