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Camp Invention is Even More Fun with Friends

What’s better than having a great week at Camp Invention®? Inviting someone else to share in that fun with you! In fact, when children know someone else at camp, it can make new experiences a little less scary and fun times even more enjoyable.

Inviting friends to sign up for camp can also help you as a parent. It makes it possible for you to arrange a carpool throughout the week, and it adds an extra layer of comfort when you know your child can grow their confidence and social skills while exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) alongside friends.

As you prepare for an exciting week of innovation, we encourage you to explore the benefits of having your child bring a buddy to camp!


Friends Help Ease Nerves

Invention takes courage. Creators must be willing to make mistakes, keep trying and face big obstacles to come up with impactful solutions. Sharing ideas and working together to overcome obstacles is an effective way to approach invention, and it’s a lot less nerve-wracking than facing challenges alone. For children who are nervous about going to camp, knowing one of the other campers can inspire them to give it a try.


Teamwork Makes it Easier to Try Again

By working with friends, campers will learn that teamwork can help them achieve success, and that it’s fun to encourage friends to do their best — even when it’s hard. When an idea doesn’t work out the first time, it can be frustrating to try again, but failure is a key part of the invention process! Having a friend to supply new ideas and support a second, third or fourth attempt gets them one step closer to a working solution.


Creating Together is Fulfilling and Fun

Camp offers the perfect opportunities to practice collaboration and creativity — two things that are better experienced with friends. As kids work to come up with answers to a wide variety of challenges, teaming up allows them to gain new skills and perspectives, brush up on their social skills and come up with ideas that wouldn’t have been possible if they’d been working on their own. After all, there’s a reason the saying “Two minds are better than one” is so popular.


Collaboration Leads to Stronger Connections

Exploring challenges and dreaming up awesome innovations can bring people closer together. From friends, neighbors and classmates to cousins and siblings, camp is a space for children to come together to confidently try new things, fail without giving up and build better bonds as they spend the week exploring their creativity. Above all, camp is meant to be fun! What could be more fun than making memories of cool experiments and mind-blowing activities with people they care about?


Invite Your Friends

Introduce your friends to Camp Invention — and earn some sweet rewards — when you join our Refer a Friend program!

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