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What to Expect at Camp Invention in 2021

As the flagship summer program from the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF), for over 30 years Camp Invention® has inspired millions of children across the country through hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities. Thanks to our robust curriculum development process, each summer of Camp Invention is always different from the one that came before, and features unique take-home items, learning concepts and connections to our world-changing NIHF Inductees.

With this year’s Camp Invention program, Recharge, not only are we offering all-new, imagination-stretching challenges, but we’ve also created ways to make the experience safer and more customizable to meet the needs of families. Read below to learn more!


Camp Your Way: In Person or At Home

Due to the uncertainty created by COVID-19, it has become difficult to make definitive plans for the summer. Many parents are unsure if they will be comfortable sending their child to an in-person program, and we understand. This is why we’ve developed both an in-person and an at-home version of the new 2021 Camp Invention experience.

Camp Invention In Person: Campers come together in a space designated by the local school district hosting the program for a full week of hands-on STEM activities. Each activity is designed by the expert education team at NIHF and led by certified local educators. The curriculum builds confidence, develops problem-solving skills and encourages collaboration. Exclusive take-home items include a wireless microphone, a solar-powered cricket and a motorized vehicle.

Camp Invention At Home: Campers follow a daily schedule that includes virtual sessions where they receive guidance from their certified educator Coach and enjoy opportunities to collaborate with other campers. Featuring the same curriculum and exclusive items as the in-person Camp Invention format, our at-home experience also includes built-in time for kids to get outside, experiment and test their new inventions. Unique to this format, we also provide new tools that allow children to create their own inventing space, including:

  • Maker Mat: A special surface where innovators are encouraged to create and experiment.
  • Pegboard: A customizable board where children can attach their Inventor Logs and additional creative supplies.
  • Toolbelt: A wearable toolbelt participants can use to store their invention supplies.

Our Peace of Mind Promise

While the option of at-home and in-person formats is great, right now, you may be unsure of what you will be comfortable with in the months ahead. You may feel safer selecting an at-home experience based on the current state of the pandemic, but by summer you may feel comfortable with an in-person format. Because of this, we’ve introduced our Peace of Mind Promise, which allows you to secure your Camp Invention spot today and pick whichever format you feel best about. Then, if you change your mind, you have up to six weeks before your program starts to change your format — it’s that simple. We’ll even send you a reminder as your program gets closer!

The Peace of Mind Promise makes it possible for parents to start making summer plans and take advantage of the biggest savings of the season: $40 off the cost of registration using the promo code STEMFUN40 by March 31 at checkout.


Our Preparedness Plan

Collaboration is essential to our invention education programs, so NIHF has always maintained the highest standards in health and safety. In the current environment, this commitment is more important than ever. You can expect the following procedures at our in-person camp locations:

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at all program sites.
  • Children are instructed to wash their hands with antibacterial soap frequently throughout the day.
  • In compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have implemented social distancing measures to help prevent the spread of illness to protect our participants, families and the communities we serve. Please note that our in-person programs are managed by local school districts that follow guidelines unique to their state.

To learn more about the steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of all our Camp Invention participants and education partners, we invite you to review our Preparedness Plan.


Learn More About Camp Invention

To learn more about this year’s brand-new Camp Invention program, please visit our website.

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