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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Thanks for an Amazing Season of Exploration at Camp Invention!

As the 2022 Camp Invention® season comes to an end, we want to thank the parents and families who have shared the joy of innovation, creativity and exploration with their children, as well as the amazing educators across the country who have worked hard to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning to life with the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF). It is with the help of these families and educators that curious kids have become confident creators, collaborators and inventors at camp this summer.

Inspired by our world-changing NIHF Inductees, this summer’s program invited campers to explore the deep sea with cutting-edge ocean tech while making aquatic friends, travel through space with their handmade Astro-Arm, unlock their creativity while building an awesome spinning art bot and even collaborate to build a mega marble arcade and have fun with physics!

With such a fun-filled summer at camp, it’s hard to believe it’s already time to look forward to next year’s brand-new program. In the meantime, let’s check out what Instructors and families had to say about all the excitement at camp this summer!


Our Awesome Instructors Had a Blast

“We had three campers who struggle with emotional control within a normal school day. Although these students are extremely bright, they often miss instructional time and struggle with social experiences because of outbursts and the need for breaks. These kids excelled and flourished at camp! Not one struggle. No outbursts. They came back every day invigorated and inspired. Makes me tear up just thinking about it!”
— Aubrey C., Camp Invention Instructor, Danville, Illinois

“The most meaningful aspect of Camp Invention is the opportunity for educators to use premade materials to be able to fully engage in the creative process with students. Throughout the year, teachers are overwhelmed with planning, paperwork and meetings that take away the time to be able to dig deep and engage in critical thinking processes with students.”
— Samantha D., Camp Invention Instructor, Denton, Texas

“I loved the environment the program created. The days went by quickly and I enjoyed every minute of them! The materials provided made prep for each session super easy. I was able to spend the whole week working with kids who were engaged and excited on projects that challenged them to think.”
— Stacey U., Camp Invention Instructor, Zanesville, Ohio


Children and Their Families Loved Their 2022 Camp Experience

“Avy loves this camp. Each day, she would come home with a story about what she made and talk about her new friends she met. This camp gave her a different perspective on STEM that she wouldn’t get from her regular school. I could tell her confidence level soared from attending this camp. Thank you, Camp Invention!”
— Meliza H., Camp Invention Parent, Tacoma, Washington

“For the first time ever, I heard my son expressing what he wants to be when he grows up and asking questions about the best colleges to pursue his interests. This camp validated his curiosity, workmanship and creativity. Every single day, he had new adventures and was very enthusiastic about sharing his newfound knowledge at home. This was our first year but certainly not our last. Thank you!”
— Harolyn C., Camp Invention Parent, Hamilton Township, New Jersey

“My child absolutely loved Camp Invention and is already asking if he can go back next summer! Since attending, he has been so motivated to invent and create! This was such a great experience.”
— Megan S., Camp Invention Parent, Cornelius, North Carolina

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