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Camp Invention Is for Every Kind of Kid!

Summer will be here before we know it, and families are already beginning to look for activities that will suit their children’s interests. With such a wide variety of opportunities for summer enrichment, it can seem overwhelming to find what a child considers their “favorite” activity while also considering their potential to learn and grow through a program.

A lot of kids already know they enjoy STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but it can seem intimidating to others who might excel in other subjects. Well, we have good news! STEM programs can overlap with things like art, sports, games and mind-blowing adventures creating a safe space for any kid to have fun exploring a multitude of interests while learning about STEM concepts.


A Camp for Everyone

At the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF), we strive to offer educational programming that is empowering and engaging for all kinds of kids across the country. Parents can rest assured that our K-6 program, Camp Invention®, will help children build their confidence, think creatively, become young innovators and have a ton of fun!

In our all-new 2022 program, Explore, campers will be able to come up with their own big ideas that pull inspiration from all their favorite things. Explore takes kids down beneath the surface of the ocean and all the way up into outer space with stops along the way filled with art, puzzles, games and robots! It’s sure to entertain all kinds of campers and show them how STEM programs can combine all their interests.


For the Deep-Sea Enthusiast

Campers curious about the ocean will love Robotic Aquatics, where they can learn about the cutting-edge science of ocean research robots! In this activity, children become caretakers of an aquatic animal. By designing a home for their pet and diving into symbiotic relationships, they discover friendships on land with their co-inventors. They then use their imagination to develop aqua-innovations to lure in and hook investors at the fish market!

Each day, campers build up their new aquatic friend’s habitat and learn STEM concepts as they explore the underwater world!

For the Budding Artist

In NIHF’s The Attic, campers get to exercise their creative side and make STEM-influenced masterpieces. They solve riddles and discover inventions that have changed the ways in which we create, explore trademarking as they develop their own color, experiment with thaumatropes (moving images) and even build their very own spinning art robot!

For kids who love art, this activity offers the perfect mix of creativity and STEM exploration. You never know what interests or ideas children will uncover as they spend each day creating in NIHF’s The Attic!

For the Imaginative Traveler

For children with big dreams of outer-space adventures, Spacecation allows them to explore the latest discoveries in space science with hands-on experiences. First, campers prepare for their journey to a space hotel by developing their own Spacepacks and functional Astro-Arms! Then, the adventure really picks up as they experience an ice volcano eruption, mine an asteroid and celebrate with a galactic pizza party.

Kids who dream of trips to space will find their WOW (Wonders of Weightlessness) Space Hotel getaway to be out-of-this-world fun as they make new, interplanetary discoveries each day!

For the Future Pro Gamer

Marble Arcade encourages collaboration with friends and fast-rolling fun with an arcade game feel! Working both individually and in teams, campers build their very own mega marble arcade and experiment by rolling glowing LED marbles and other gaming spheres. Through this process, they explore physics concepts and engineering design challenges.

If your child loves playing with and developing new games, this activity will light up their imagination as they modify and test their mega marble arcade throughout the week.

Join Us at Camp!

To learn more about the all-new Camp Invention 2022 Explore program, we invite you to visit our website.

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