What Parents Like You Are Saying About Camp Invention Connect

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What Parents Like You Are Saying About Camp Invention Connect

Camp Invention Connect™ is not your typical virtual summer camp. By providing a powerful combination of hands-on materials, engaging activities and daily live instruction from a certified educator, this new program gives children the opportunity to experience STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and summer fun in a truly customizable way.

Though every experience is unique, below is what a not-so-average day at Camp Invention Connect looks like. We have also paired these descriptions with experiences from parents whose children have participated in the program and have seen the results of our program firsthand!


Getting Started with the Daily Kickoff

Monday through Thursday, children are invited to attend a 9 a.m. kickoff session where they can interact with friends and get excited about the day’s challenges and activities. During this virtual experience, the Coach walks through each day’s unique set of activities — from taking apart their very own robot and learning about the principles of flight, to designing their very own game!


“My son really enjoyed being able to take apart the robot and see how all the inner workings were put together. Now he wants to know how other things in the house are put together. I might have to hide the screwdrivers (ha!).”  – Nicole K., Knoxville, Tennessee


“Our camp Coach was amazing. I was very impressed with her ability to keep  everyone engaged. She balanced placing ownership on the kids and making it fun.” – Sara F., Flower Mound, Texas


Unplugging and Getting Creative

After the morning’s optional kickoff, children are free to tackle their daily challenges. Because each participant receives four complete activity kits packed with all the necessary materials, they are able to invent independently. If the weather is nice, they’re encouraged to go outside to get both their brain and body moving. There is no limit to what participants can imagine and create throughout the day!


“The materials were engaging and fun and at the perfect level for my child to feel confident enough to work independently. I am impressed with how well this program allowed my child to express her creativity! Also, this is the happiest she has been in weeks!” – Debbie A., Knoxville, Tennessee


“She enjoyed the content matter so much and was able to work independently at her own speed.” Charlotte M., Longmont, Colorado


Brainstorming and Collaborating  

During midday and afternoon hours, children have the option to attend virtual check-ins to collaborate with their Coach and with other young innovators. These sessions give children the opportunity to share their ideas and brainstorm ways to make their inventions even better. Through the process of invention, children naturally build confidence and begin to see themselves as creators.


“Her level of enthusiasm increased, knowing she was creating something cool and new. Her confidence in her ability to be creative, design, speak up, and finish a product also increased with this program.” –Paula W., Lilburn, Georgia


“It gave him more confidence, let him try new things and learn new things, helped him learn how to use technology in different ways to help him interact with people, gave him more of a love of STEM activities and helped him be more creative.” – Jennifer B., Evans, Colorado


Celebrating and Sharing

At the end of their week with Camp Invention Connect, children participate in the Inventor’s Showcase — an opportunity to celebrate and share what they’ve created throughout the week with their Coach and fellow innovators.


“My child has ADHD and this program kept his focus and interest. He was so proud of what he completed on each project and shows it off to everyone. I just want to say thank you for this experience.” – Tami H., Chattanooga, Tennessee


“My son began to play with items around the house by mixing and matching to see what new ways he could use them. He’s thinking of ways to meet objectives, on his own, and proudly using creativity to do it. He was happy all week!" – Sara F., Flower Mound, Texas


Learn more about Camp Invention Connect

To learn more, we invite you to visit our website, and to check out our Camp Invention Connect welcome video to get a glimpse at what your child can look forward to this summer.

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