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Celebrating Innovation With Arrow Electronics at CIC

For more than 30 years, the Collegiate Inventors Competition® (CIC) has recognized and rewarded the country’s most promising young innovators. When college students compete at CIC, they have the unique opportunity to present their inventions to a panel of Judges that includes National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees and United States Patent and Trademark Office officials. There is no other competition quite like it.

Another aspect of CIC that makes it an exceptional opportunity for collegiate inventors is the inclusion of the People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Arrow Electronics. Voted on by the public, this award offers a $2,000 prize. Read on to find out who won this year’s award, and to learn about its generous sponsor.


Rewarding the 2022 Winner

The 2022 Arrow Electronics People’s Choice Award Winner is also this year’s CIC Undergraduate Winner: the CatheSure team. Representing Clemson University, Kathleen Fallon, Ally Reichart, Karly Ripple and Jordan Cole invented a device that safely supports the treatment of hydrocephalus, or the buildup of fluid within the brain’s ventricles.

Hydrocephalus affects patients of all ages, including one in 500 children worldwide. CatheSure is the first device to noninvasively and wirelessly detect the failure of the shunts that are used to treat the condition. It is fast, cost effective and easy to use.

Thanks to the generous support of Arrow Electronics and the help of thousands of voters across the country, the CatheSure team received valuable support in reaching its goals.


Fueling Innovation

A philanthropic supporter of CIC since 2014, Arrow Electronics was also the People’s Choice Award sponsor in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The company shares NIHF’s commitment to driving innovation and promoting the importance of invention in our society.

A Fortune 110 company, Arrow Electronics develops technology solutions designed to improve business and daily life for more than 220,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. Guided by the belief that technology can make life better, its corporate social responsibility program leads the company to establish partnerships around shared values and pursuing innovation.

To make the benefits of technology accessible to more people, the company supports innovative ideas and initiatives that have the potential to improve the world, both today and Five Years Out.

Sponsoring the People’s Choice Award at CIC aligns with the company’s goals by promoting innovation at the collegiate level and empowering the young creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who will shape the future.


Thank You, Arrow Electronics!

Everyone at NIHF wishes to thank Arrow Electronics for its continued support and partnership in rewarding the nation’s emerging innovators.

To learn more about Arrow Electronics, we encourage you to visit its website.

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