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Behind the NIHF Scenes

Tap Into the Power of Active Learning at Camp Invention

For over 30 years, Camp Invention® has given children the opportunity to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts and flex their creative muscles through active learning. This strategy is not only naturally engaging, but it has been shown to be far more effective at promoting knowledge retention compared to passive learning methods like the lectures and presentations that are common during the school year.

Whether your child participates in our summer camp in person or at home, you’ll find that each activity in this year’s all-new Camp Invention program, Recharge, is designed to reengage their curiosity through hands-on fun as they collaborate with friends, find chances to explore outdoors and exercise their Innovation Mindset.


Pitching Big Ideas With Open Mic

In this empowering activity, children voice their ideas as their imaginations are amplified through invention and entrepreneurship! First, they reverse engineer a wireless microphone, and then they follow the Camp Invention Design Thinking Process to develop and pitch their own amazing inventions.

Each day, campers build their confidence by sharing their original ideas and delivering persuasive invention pitches. Plus, they have the chance to practice design thinking as they transform their sketches into awesome prototypes.


Launching New Skills With Duck Chuck

In this global adventure, children design, build and test a device to launch rubber ducks around the world, boosting their creative problem-solving skills by modifying their device through brainstorming and prototyping. They also build entrepreneurship skills by learning the ins and outs of trademarking and marketing their creations.

As they make exciting efforts to help their ducks reach famous landmarks and return to their home ponds, campers put STEM concepts like trajectory and velocity to the test!


Exploring Nature With SolarBot

Children discover the power of the sun as they make and adopt their own solar-powered robotic cricket! Hands-on challenges lead them to consider the lives of real insects as they create customized habitats complete with cricket playgrounds, develop cricket-inspired musical inventions and outsmart predators.

Through this activity, campers explore STEM concepts as they compare their bots to a real cricket’s anatomy and find out how crickets are able to jump so high. By designing and testing protective gear for their SolarBot, they practice persistence and realize the importance of never giving up when faced with a challenge. 


Accelerating Creativity With Road Rally

Imagining themselves in a vehicle design lab, children apply nature-based discoveries to create vehicles that can travel across land. Embracing innovation and realizing their ability to create something new, campers also add morphing prototype elements to their vehicles to show how they might adapt to move through the air and even underwater.

Exploring energy, fuel and movement, children modify their designs to take on challenges in an exciting Super Road Rally! When their vehicles face a series of obstacles, campers use design thinking to maneuver their way to the finish line.


Reserve Your Spot at Camp Invention Today

To register for one of our in-person or at-home camp programs and find out what the power of active learning can do for your child, we invite you to visit our website!

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