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Invention Project K-6

Product Description: A creative, hybrid solution for the school year. This immersive, cross-cutting K-6 curriculum complements existing lesson plans and provides effective, hands-on learning for in-school, at-home and blended settings. Aligned to State, Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, Invention Project K-6 supports social-emotional learning (SEL) and open-ended exploration of STEAM concepts. 10 units, 30 sessions (45-60-minute sessions). Shipped individually to students or to one location. 

Units: Ecosystem Exploration; Earth and Human Activity; Lights: Bioluminescence and LEDs; Water Pollution; Designers and Inventors; Scale, Decision and Prototypes; Empathy and Design Thinking; Reflect and Protect; Nature’s Engineering; Pitching, Listening and Deals 

Format: In Person, At Home and Blended  

B2B Cost: $1,625/classroom set (25 students) shipped to one location. Additional $10/student if shipping direct to homes

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Invention Project 6-9 At Home

Product Description: Participants in grades 6-9 are introduced to an array of subject areas through purposeful, hands-on exploration. Virtual program components provide educators with a turnkey system to bring confidence-building experiences to life from a distance. Four unique kits packed with all the materials young innovators need to take on exciting challenges and build perseverance and goal-setting skills. Videos and digital resources are available but not required. Spanish activity guides are available. No plans to allow for splitting units.

Kits: E-Racer Bots™, Fly Gliders™, RC Origami Bot™, Wear It Out™  

Format: At Home


  • Licensed: $140/participant (12 participant minimum)  
  • Parent Paid: $200/participant (Program designed to serve up to 25 participants. 1 instructor/25 participants. 12 participant minimum)  


Invention Project 6-9 Traditional (in-person)

Product Description: Invention Project® 6-9 enables students to innovate and imagine by designing, engineering and making. Through personalized video challenges from our very own National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees, students brainstorm solutions to these problems and take their ideas to the next level. By practicing business principles such as rapid prototyping, market research, shipping and profit, participants also have the opportunity to develop crucial entrepreneurship skills.

Units: 60+; see IP Catalog for a sample list

Format: In Person