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Club Invention Toolkit

Club Invention®

Product Description: Promotes critical and creative thinking after school with a flexible, research-based curriculum for grades 1-6. Offers insight and inspiration while incorporating a wide range of subject areas through eight engaging, hands-on units. Each unit includes eight hours of curriculum and materials for up to 25 students. 

Units: Bolder Builders™, Castles, Catapults and Coats of Arms™, E.Z. Science™, Flight Sight™, Passage to Planet ROG™, Phys Ed: Physics in Motion™, SOS: Endangered Earth™, Trash Island: A Garbage Patch Journey™ 

Format: In Person 

B2B Cost: $1,000 (1-5 units), $900 (6-11 units), $800 (12+ units)

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Club Invention At Home

Product Description: Participants in grades 1-6 are introduced to an array of subject areas through purposeful, hands-on exploration. Virtual program components provide educators with a turnkey system to bring confidence-building experiences to life from a distance. Four core units and one base unit. Base unit comes with first purchase of any core unit because it contains materials needed for other units. Core units contain four hours of programming. Base unit contains three hours of programming.  

Units: Bot ANN-E, Robotic Pet Vet, DIY Orbot, Optibot. Base Unit: Innovation Force 

Format: At Home 


  • Licensed: $70 (1 core unit + 1 base unit), $50 for each additional unit. Cost is per participant.  

  • Parent Paid: $75 (1 core unit + 1 base unit), $60 for each additional unit. Cost is per participant.