Our Approach to Invention Education: The Innovation Mindset

Our Approach to Invention Education: The Innovation Mindset

Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s most accomplished inventors, our National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Inductees, the Innovation Mindset is a collection of nine skills and attributes that are key to transforming today’s students into the innovators of tomorrow.

While developing new education programs, our education team uses this Innovation Mindset as a guide to ensure our curricula provides children with the essential skills they will need to succeed in our increasingly complex world. As students will likely enter a workforce containing jobs that do not yet exist, it’s imperative we teach kids how to innovate and adapt when confronted with adversity.

In this white paper, we unpack three components of the Innovation Mindset and pair them with NIHF Inductee stories that embody each. Highlights include:

  • The story of how NIHF Inductee Chieko Asakawa used the power of persistence to overcome an early childhood accident causing permanent blindness and invent a way for visually impaired individuals to navigate the internet.
  • The cautionary tale of NIHF Inductee Gordon Gould and how his initial lack of intellectual property knowledge resulted in a 30-year legal battle over ownership of his invention, the optical laser.
  • An exploration of how NIHF Inductee George Washington Carver’s incredible creative problem-solving techniques allowed him to discover an unprecedented amount of uses for sweet potatoes and peanuts.

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