TEST Innovation Mindset

Innovation Mindset

Each National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) education program is built on the belief that every child can invent. Through open-ended, hands-on exploration, children build an Innovation Mindset — a growth mindset infused with lessons from world-changing inventors — that enables and empowers them in any area of life. The Innovation Mindset is made up of these eight essential skills and traits that are strengthened every time a child applies them. Each Club Invention unit highlights different aspects of this mindset, and by participating in all nine units, children unlock their full potential and discover the magic of their own creativity. 

Design Thinking

Description of what design thinking is


Description of what confidence is

Creative Problem Solving

Description of what creative problem solving is


Description of what STEM is


Description of what Persistence is


Description of what Innovation is

Intellectual Property

Description of what Intellectual Property is


Description of what Entrepreneurship is