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Camp Invention Inspires Kids to Explore Summer STEM Fun Underwater and in Outer Space

In the newly announced 2022 program, Explore, campers will design a tank for their robotic fish; experiment with animation and materials science; explore distant moons; and construct their own marble arcade!

Camp Invention Offers Safety, Flexibility and Fun in 2021 Program

Now more than ever, kids need fun, open-ended experiences that can help them build their problem-solving power and make their own creative mark on the world. That’s exactly what Camp Invention® delivers.

2021 Camp Invention Curriculum Recharges Summer STEM Fun Through Microphone Exploration and Robot Crickets

In the newly announced 2021 program, Recharge, campers will design a morphing road rally vehicle, reverse engineer a wireless microphone, build a rubber duck launching device and construct their own solar-powered cricket!

Latest Stories

Mulvane Schools Host Inventive Summer Camp

Mulvane Public Schools hosted a STEM-focused summer camp for the first time in July. The camp, called “Camp Invention,” has operated for more than three decades, with the goal of building confidence and problem-solving skills in students through hands-on STEM activities.

Camp Invention Returns to Bethel Park

Students attending Camp Invention had the opportunity to meet James Edward Maceo West, in a way, by listening to a recording by the developer of the technology used in 90% of all microphones built today.

Students Get Hands-On Learning at Camp Invention in Fort Smith

At Camp Intervention, elementary students from across the River Valley are learning science, technology, engineering and math skills. "I'm here to learn and have fun and I'm doing both right now," 10-year-old Denton Black said. "It's helped me learn more, I've become smarter."

Kids and Staff are Happy to Return to In-Person Camp

It’s a camp all about inventing, and it’s been around since 1990. Mark Seifert started Camp Invention in Rochester years ago. The same camp also takes place in Byron. Siefert says kids are happy to be back.

Local Camp Invention Program Now Available in Action-Packed, At-Home Format

Camp Invention at home reaches far beyond what families have come to expect from “virtual” learning — balancing active, independent hands-on exploration with opportunities for socialization from home.

Enriching Education: Camp Invention Connect

Summer learning has no boundaries, as Camp Invention Connect™ offers children the opportunity to attend weekly national editions of its acclaimed STEM enrichment camp.

Avondale Elementary Offers Summer Camp for Kids to Recharge at Home

Avondale Elementary School will host a summer camp that children can experience from the comfort of home, according to a press release.

Enriching Education: STEM Kits from Camp Invention

Motherhood Moment blogger reports back on her sixth- and eighth-grade children's experience with our new STEM kits.

"The kits have literally everything needed - they even come with "basic" materials like scissors and tape, so there's very little prep work for the parents."

Camp Invention Alumna Spends Co-op at LaGuardia Airport

Growing up, Mairead Thomas was always a hands-on learner who excelled in math and science. When her mother enrolled her in a program called Camp Invention, it piqued her early interest in engineering.